I know I haven’t posted in quite long, like 10 days, and haven’t posted anything worthwhile in like a month (but then, have I ever?)… but the thing is that there is nothing to post about. My life has become boring and monotonous… the last interesting thing that happened in my life was when my friend told me to find a girl of Jalandhar who was also studying at Bansals and get her post something for his friend, who she was friends with (I know, pretty confusing!). Well you know how grave the situation is when you label something like that as interesting, and this also happened like a week ago. My whole day contains of the following things:

1. Sleeping (a lot of it)

2. Eating (very little..really)

3. Going to the classes (and listening to the profs trying to make sense of KTG and stuff)

4. Studying a little (really really little)

5. Surfing the internet (forcibly, even if I can’t find anything)

6. Reading a book or watching a movie (for which I have to wait for like a day and a half to complete downloading)

Yes, that is all I have been doing, locked up in my room (except for going to the classes), for the last 2 months or so. My friends call me and all I have to say is that I have nothing new to say, so if they don’t either, then we might as well hang up. I guess that all confusion part was a desperate attempt of my mind to spice up my life, cuz that has also totally died down too. It’s like my life is about surviving, in the hunter-gatherer sense of the world, and not living.. I would be happy if I was doing something I loved.. but I’m not and so I am going where the wind takes me (though I am heavy for it and there is a lag). And the worst part is that I don’t know what to do about it, cuz I can’t see how my life was any different before I came into this shithole….

No, wait, that’s not the worst part… the worst part is that the dark knight is not releasing here. How long have I been waiting for it? Well, not long, just like a year… and now its not releasing in kota. I mean the people here must be as dumb as fu*k, cuz when I went into the inox here (the only theatre here) to ask about the timings, they didn’t even know there was a film by that name, and isn’t it like the biggest movie of the year? generating oscar buzz before even releasing? but no, these ignorant guys don’t even know about it and on top of that, don’t know how to talk to people properly.. I mean who is getting PAID for costumer service here? I am so gonna look back to living in kota as the worst in my life, at least up until now. Anyway, that is not the point of the post.

Now, that I have bored you completely (wakey wakey!) with my rant about my life here, the news of the day is that as I can’t find anything to post here… I am gonna start digging up the past and try my hand at fiction and stuff. Let’s see how it goes.

P.S. – If you feel like killing me after reading this mind numbingly boring and pointless post, you are welcome to come here and try your hand at it, I mean at least it would add some adventure 😉

P.P.S. Yesterday while watching Schindler’s List (again), a thing occured to me, that could the holocaust happen in this age and time with muslims, like jews during the WW2? Or does democracy play too important a role to let that happen now? Leave your opinion in the comments.

P.P.P.S.(This is the last one, promise) – How is the new header? Was the previous one better or this one?

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

12 thoughts on “Monotony”

  1. Hi Hi Perx!

    Welcome back to cyberspace, lol. Firstly, I love your new header. It’s very appropriate, with the cars coming and going. Lol, I’m sure you knew that already, since you chose it.

    Sorry about the lack of fun but everyone goes through a funk like that sometimes, where everything is boring as hell and there is nothing interesting to do. And also the crappy weather…I’m pretty sure it’s burning up by you. It really sucks though…

    So do you want to do anything about it or is the funk comfortable? Lol, in a way, being bored out of your mind is kinda fun. Except for the eating little…why aren’t you eating? Miss your mum’s cooking?

    Movies…I can’t really suggest any good one’s at the moment, besides Kismat Konnection ;-). Wow, that’s so weird that the Dark Knight isn’t showing by you…even weirder that some people haven’t even heard of it. But what can you do? Not everyone uses the internet…or watches TV…or listens to radio…or reads the newspaper. Oh my word, HAVE THEY BEEN LIVING UNDER A FREAKIN’ ROCK?!

    I haven’t read any decent books recently either, so can’t really suggest any of those to you, lol. Good luck with the fiction, I wanna see what you come up with and psychoanalyse it, lol. Kidding, about the psychoanalysis I mean. Ever tried fan fiction? Like rewriting stories with the characters from books or movies or whatever.

    I’ll come kill you when it gets colder in Kota, Ok? The weather here rocks, can’t leave it. Lol.

    About the Holocaust…um, no, I wouldn’t say it’s the same thing. I never understood why Hitler went after the Jews…he used them as a scapegoat but I never got what was the features about them that pissed him off. Muslims make themselves thoroughly dislikable at times and it’s those same idiot extremists who make things difficult for the rest of us. Yeah, Muslims are prejudiced against and democracy does help in stopping them from being too downtrodden, but because of free speech, everyone can say whatever crap they want about Muslims and get away with it.

    Anyways, the Jewish community is tiny, the Muslim community is huge (like 1/7th of the world’s population) so I doubt the holocaust could ever occur with regards to Muslims.

    Now I’m off to fight with my lecturer…see ya!

  2. OMG, if Tigger hadn’t mentioned the header, I wouldn’t have noticed it. It’s brilliant! Pure genius!

    And well, as far as the boring life goes, I’m the wrong person because I myself am totally bored nowadays. There’s just nothing to do! Anyway, I could give you a couple of ideas:-

    a) Download a couple of games. Play them.

    b) XKCD!

    c) Calvin & Hobbes. Download it or find some online thing.

    d) Subscribe to 100 blogs in your feed reader. Read them, comment.

    e) Music. Rabbi Shergill for the win!

    f) Check out random orkut profile’s and laugh at the stupidity of people.

    g) Join Facebook. Add me. 😛 Then find some hot chicks. Add them and ogle at the pictures 😛

    All that should suffice and make your life a little more exciting, I’d like to think. 😛

    The Dark Knight was brilliant. You have to watch it. Anyway possible. Well, English movies started releasing here only lately when the PVR and Wave Cinemas came up. Earlier there was nothing. But I’d expect INOX people to know Dark Knight. Having said that though, I went to a Reebok showroom some months back and randomly asked them if they had a Kolkata KnighRiders jersey. And they went – what? what’s that? Hell, they made the jerseys and they don’t have a clue what it is. So not finding Dark Knight at INOX isn’t all that shocking.

    Oye, and I just remembered. If you’re still bored to death, read about the end of the world at –

    Don’t think I’ve gone bonkers. It’s actually fun reading that!

  3. @Tigger
    Thanx! Yeah I did kind of notice that….
    Well yeah kind of, I mean who wouldn’t, and what makes worse is lack of good restaurants here and crappy mess food, toh zyadatar time to soojhta hi nahi ki kya khaun
    That’s what I am saying, the dark knight is everywhere, and that guy was like “what? the dark mask?”
    Yeah, I tried fan fiction a bit with the harry potter characters, but didn’t post it anywhere… and with the back to the future characters too, now that I remember
    Lolz…. ok, i’ll be ready with my shield
    Yeah, I think so too, the world is quite different for that to happen, but still UNO is USA’s puppet and who would challenge them if they start attacking all the muslim countries, a thing they have already started..
    and Hitler just thought that jewish deluded the human race, firm belief.. that is why he killed ’em and stuff, he wanted to purify the human race…
    Best of luck with the fight 😉

  4. @ish
    Thanx! bas ab zyaada mat chadha 😉
    a) don’t really like games..

    b) i went throgh the whole archive already, pretty cool comics

    c) I did.. and am halfway through

    d) I can sure read them, but most of the time don’t know what to comment, u must have noticed the quality of my comments is worse than the quality of my posts, which says something 😛

    e) will definitely look it up

    f) Pretty interesting prospect 😛

    g) I am on facebook, but couldn’t find u or tigger for that matter, i find it pretty hard to use as compared to orkut… kahan ho bhai tum sab? is it some hide n seek application u guys have? 😛

    But still man, the dark knight is EVERYWHERE you look, on every means of publicity and these guys had no fuckin clue, when I had seen a poster of it in the theatre when I went to watch Jaane Tu….
    and seems like the dark knight is not realeasing in inox… bad luck 😦 I know I can find it on the internet, but I just wanted to see it in a theatre on the big screen… not on this hp laptop with sucky audio capabilities…

    Yeah, I have actually heard about this. You know I saw a documentary on History Channel once where the way those guys told it, was pretty convincing… and I can’t fingure out that if i have only 4 years left to live, why spend 2 of them trying to get into iit, and another 2 busting my ass in an iit coping with the bloody indian education system a la no innovation, only mugging

    anyway… to end this comment on a happy note:
    good luck with ur new college, keep us updated!

  5. Cool, i would love to read Harry potter fanfics, or even Back to the Future ones (Which is one of the best trilogies of all time, btw). I used to write Princess Diaries fanfics, lol. Please please post yours!

    Hey, maybe you could also spend your free time learning how to cook?

    Arey Yaar, they couldn’t attack all the Muslims even if they wanted to. Saudi Arabia has oil, Pakistan has nuclear weapons, both pretty decent weapons to use on the USA. True, the UN is pretty useless but even if one country started abusing it’s Muslim population, there is no way the world would sit by and watch (or join in). They learned that lesson from the holocaust….I hope, lol.

    Oh, and check your Facebook. I don’t know how Orkut works but FB is pretty simple. If you can’t find someone through their name, then you can even put in an email address. That’s how I found you, lol 😉

  6. @Tigger
    Hey… u know i wish i could post mine, but they are written on torn pages lying in my house somewhere.. so bad luck 😦
    But, hey u could post ur princess diaries stories on ur blog, u have been pretty unactive on ur blog…
    i do know how to cook, believe me, i know more about household works than my sister.. but i don’t have any means to cook here, or the resources.. so will have to cope with it….
    Yeah, I hope they have learned their lessons too, was just wondering though that something so unfair is happening that every muslim is eyed suspiciously in america and in many other places
    well, its good, i guess i am just new, will take some time to learn….

  7. Aw Ok, but if you’re ever bored, you could try writing again.

    I know…told you I’m not good at personal blogs. But my stories are already on the net, lol, before I started blogging I liked to write fanfictions. Have you ever read Princess Diaries?

    You know how to cook? Wow, teach me! Lol.

    Yeah well, suspicion seems to follow Muslims around nowadays…

  8. Ah the movies…they’re nice but I like the books more. I don’t know if it would be your style though. What kind of books do you read?

  9. @tigger
    my list is really short, i have just read these –
    harry potter series [JKR]
    chetan bhagat’s books
    anything for you ma’am [tushar raheja]
    Da Vinci Code [Dan Brown]
    Kite Runner [Khalid Housini]
    Khushwant Singh’s Autobiography
    Oliver Twist, Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer (highly abridged, read in school)
    Sons of fortune, A matter of honor, Prison Diary, Not a penny more not a penny less [Jeffrey Archer]
    The Game [Neil Strauss]
    The Alchemist [Paulo Coelho]
    2001: A space odyssey [Arthur Clarke]
    Julius Caeser [Shakespeare]

    So, as you can say, I really haven’t developed a taste yet, I liked all the above books, except the alchemist(boorriinngg)…
    i think i might like princess diaries

  10. Wow…there are so many good books out there! You have to catch up Perx, lol.

    From your list of books, I’ve read the Harry Potter series (hated the last 2 books), the Da Vinci Code (which was really interesting, try Angels and Demons as well) and Most of Shakespeare’s plays (I did Eng Lit for 2 years) and a whole bunch of classic books, including Tom Sawyer and Oliver Twist.

    Well, Princess Diaries is nothing like any of these. It’s very light and fluffy, lol, it’s written by Meg Cabot if you want to check it out. I could even send you the e-books if you want. You know you can read e-books on your cellphone?

  11. @tigger
    Yeah, I know I have too… and i’m trying…but the books are pretty expensive and i find it a lil’ tiring reading them on my comp.
    I guess I’ll like it… sure.. if u like mail ’em to me

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