3 dreams, 1 girl, no connection at all

I have turned into a complete night owl and I think that’s taking a toll on my memory. Believe me, I have had my share of weird dreams, but the ones I had recently were somewhat more weird than usual. On 23rd July, when I was on my sleep marathon (during daytime ofcourse), I had one three dreams, as I was interrupted three times during my sleep, but strangely a girl made appearance in all three of my dreams. So as soon as I woke up, I wrote the dreams down, and I am posting an unedited, unmodified soft copy of what I wrote exactly at that time, when I was still in, I guess a hangover of the dream. Well, anyway here it goes:

DREAM NO. 1: I was in a village house, you know those big Haveli types and presumably with people who were my cousins. It was night time and a bunch of us were alone on the roof. The roof of the house next to us had some utensils (bartan). We threw some utensils (from our roof) which fell on those utensils thus making a lot of noise. The lady next door came screaming to our house while we roared with laughter. She woke everyone in our house and started arguing and shouting loudly. All the ladies were shouting at each other when I intervened, calmed her down and convinced her somehow, that it was all a big mistake.

Anyway, now that everyone was up, we were all sitting in a verandah or something. A girl was sitting with us, and I was looking for a chance to talk to her while others were busy in their own. I asked her, “Care for a stroll?”. I remember I said those exact words. Anyway, so we took a walk in the moonlit lanes of the village and I hugged her. I remember that hug, it was the most passionate hug I have ever given someone. Of course it was a dream, but I didn’t know this at the time I was having the dream. Anyway, it was really good. I really can’t remember the last time I felt this relieved in real or virtual life for that matter. It felt like I hadn’t done this for ages when I was dying to do this. Her touch was so warm, I strangely still remember that feeling.

Moving on, I also think I kissed her on the cheek but I am not too sure. Anyway so we were having this romantic talk, hand in hand, and just when I was about to say “I love you”, someone either called us from behind or my dream was disturbed and I woke up. I can’t recall, but I do remember I didn’t say it, when I wanted to so much.

Laughing yet? Yeah, yeah go on laugh, here’s the next one…

DREAM NO. 2: Ok, I don’t remember much of this dream except that at one point we were sitting together on a bed and I was leaning on her, you know affectionately and this old lady was sitting opposite to us chatting away.

Cut! A new dream starts abruptly withing that dream.. I was on a bicycle riding really fast, and I am strongly convinced that I was chasing someone. I reach a lane which looks exactly like the lane where my PG is. But I go past it and forward, but then I think that maybe I should go to my room upstairs and end this dream. I was suddenly aware that it was a dream. And then, my bike moved backwards of its own accord like hovering in the air.. I felt strange and scared and immediately opened my eyes, coming back to reality.

Yep, the last one freaked me out. I got up, had some water and decided not to fall in sleep again, but my laziness got the better of me….

DREAM NO. 3: Ok, so I was in a village with a dude, his wife(in village clothes) and a daku type dude (think gabbar). We were all riding this one horse, yes all of us on one horse! We reached a police station and the daku was trying to convince a policeman (with an unusually large and bulbous nose) about this big bear he had seen in this forest up on the mountain, and how a new record was made or maybe he was saying he made it. Anyway, the policeman didn’t believe and the daku jumped off the edge of the mountain into a pond like water body. The other dude screamed and jumped after him. And as he went into the pond, I was the dude, I mean it was me who was in the pond and I carried this daku dude out of the pond. But, we didn’t come out of a pond, we came out of a swimming pool in like a city club or something. And then “Anil Kapoor” and “Nassirudin Shah” enter in a military type uniform (the ones they wore in Karma, you know Subhash Ghai’s movie), and this daku dude is “Jackie Schroff” (again Karma style). Anyway, so Anil Kapoor and Nassirudin Shah came in with guns and two robots who were rubbing the floor, like scrubbing them.

Cut! A new dream withing the dream. I am driving a motor bike and a friend of mine is with me, sitting behind me. She (the same girl from the previous dreams) calls me on my phone, and asks me if I am going to come meet her. I have than earphone thing with my mobile and I say I will. I ask her till when she would be at home, and she replies 10:30. It was already ten by my watch and I say I have to go somewhere with my friend, and at what time will she return home, and she says 11. I say I’ll see her then and I won’t forget this feeling, I felt like missing someone, the pure, true genuine feeling of wanting to be with someone, which I hadn’t felt in years in real or virtual life. So, anyway, we reach a room, where my father’s friend’s wife is there and she talks to us about something concerning the wall or a painting on it, and I keep getting more restless by the second. I am waiting for her to finish so I can go… but I wake up.

Yep, these were the three dreams and I also wrote kind of a conclusion when I woke up, don’t know what I was thinking.. anyway, here it is….

The strange thing is that I can’t remember the face of that girl, despite her starring in all three of my dreams today. I don’t think I had ever seen that face before in my life and I wonder if I ever will again……….

So, you see what I mean.. these were crazy weird dreams, and I can’t seem to make head or tail of them.. you are welcome to leave any interpretations you like in your comments… and tell me about your weird dreams too, if you have any…

P.S. Hey, did anyone hear? Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman are the playing the three idiots in five point someone film version while kareena *toothpick* kapoor will play Neha… What are these guys playing at? Trying to make a movie about life at IIT or a re-union at IIT after 20 years? I think they should have taken new faces like that guy from dil, dosti, etc. what do you guys think?

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

18 thoughts on “3 dreams, 1 girl, no connection at all”

  1. This is interesting πŸ™‚ I like to read about people’s dreams. I’ve had some dreams before where I feel super connected to someone I haven’t met before, but they’ve never showed up in multiple dreams. Perhaps you will meet this girl someday, that would be really cool.

  2. Uh oh, I think we need to find you a girlfriend, and fast. But anyway, weird dreams are okay. I’ve had weird dreams. I think you know some already. But you should’ve seen the face, humein pata chal jaata tere sapno ki rani kaun hai and then we would’ve tried to find her and hook you up. Agli baar chehra dhyaan se dekhna! πŸ˜›

    And I kind of like the star cast for Five Point Someone, yaar. With the exception of Aamir, of course. Sharman Joshi is a brilliant actor, he’ll do well as a college kid. Madhavan too, I think he’ll be playing Alok. Aamir ka I don’t know. But I like that they chose Kareena for Neha. Okay, I know she’s anorexic and all but the thing is that she looks very pretty in salwar kameeze’s and light make up. She looked pretty in Refugee, and Yuva. I actually pictured her as Neha when I had read FPS. I think she’ll surprise you.

  3. @concretereverie
    Man, I hope i do, and i hope i remember this that i have seen that girl in my dream when i meet her, it will be like “made for each other” or something, like we were destined to meet…

    caught me, haven’t u? ofcourse i want them too, but the only the parts with the girl ok, not the other ones…

    ok, ok.. i know i have been acting desperate for a little, ok, for a pretty long time now, and i swear to stop it, but i just guess its my hormones kicking in. arey yaar, kash chehra dekh liya hota… pata to chal jaata ki who i have to look out for all my life… lets see ki ab woh sapne mein aati hai ya nahi, like i wrote “I don’t think I had ever seen that face before in my life and I wonder if I ever will again……….”

    Really man, I mean sharman looks ok, but will madhvan really look like a college kid and especially alok? the crying fatty slob as mentioned in the book? when they first signed aamir, i thought he would play prof. veera or something..
    I know kareena looks nice in simple clothes, but she looks a little too old for this role according to, but lets see, she might pull it off….

    remember detail? i think i have forgotten more than half of it, i wish i could remember the chat i had with her….
    truly, after waking up, i just felt really lonely

  4. Dream waale part ka reply later, abhi main kuch hosh mein nahi hun.

    Sharman is fine, we agree. Maddy I think would be able to play Alok. He’s a good actor for one. He’s got a chubby-ish face for two. I think they can manage to make him look like a college kid. Kareena should do well, I think. Again, age ka kya farak padta hai. Thoda chalta hai. Agreed they can’t make SRK look a college kid but Kareena might work. The only other person who could’ve done Neha is maybe Sonam Kapoor

  5. Quite wierd dreams. I think you will meet that girl one day. πŸ™‚
    I saw the poster of Idiot today. Seems fine but I think Aamir should stop playing college kids.

  6. ooh..that was weird enough..i get lot of them…perhaps aftrer seeing ur post i might consider to my dreams as well πŸ˜› ..
    >>>most passionate hug
    lol..i can understand ..felt like that many times. ofcourse in dreams ..
    2nd dream was the best one. .
    went into a pool and came out of a swimming pool.. ROFL …

    KAREENA *toothpick* kappor… hee hee… never new such name exists.
    oh by the way …the movie will blow for sure.. πŸ˜‰

  7. Aw shame, that’s one of the worst feelings to wake up with after a dream. Actually any good dream isn’t nice to wake up to.

    Maybe you’ll have another dream with the girl and see who she is, lol.

    Now I’m off to watch Kismat Konnection. I spent my whole day catching up on Indian movies…LS 2050…Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na…JTYJN is awesome!

  8. @ish
    yeah, sonam kapoor would make a good neha, and i think even kareena might work, but i really don’t think oldies like aamir or madhavan would b able to pull it off….

    maybe i will, don’t know, but i hope that if i do meet her, i recognize her…..

    i do hope the movie is good, and its being directed by raj kumar hirani… but still can’t imagine what he was thinking while casting aamir as ryan, maybe ish ki tarah us waqt hosh mein nahi tha πŸ˜›
    P.S. will be waiting to read ur dreams… if u post them..:P

    don’t think so yaar…. baaki kya keh sakte hain…..
    gud gud… but by god, how did u even bear ls2050?

  9. LS2050…was absolute crap. It had the potential to be a good movie…if you changed the director…and the actors…and the storyline…Lol

  10. @phoenix
    ummm… I have nothing to reply πŸ˜›
    anyway, thanx for commenting

    totally! The thing had so much potential having been inspired from all the time travel movies made by hollywood, but the guys here don’t even know how to copy anymore…

  11. actually i had made my posts private for a while.. and i just made em public again… so they showed up in ur reader again..

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