I’ve thought long and hard about this.. God, can he/she/it exist  and if he does, then who is he?

I cannot, no matter what I do, cannot accept a God as a human entity… Yes, there may be a power beyond me but I just can’t convince myself.. I just think that there is a source of power, that never ending prime mover and universe just became what it did.. I don’t know how the rules developed, but they just did as they did.. I can’t understand why  a bigger entity would care what I eat or if I appease it or not is, or who I have sex with.

I have considered some other possibilities like that of the balance of good and bad forces and how they will always balance each other through re-incarnation.. I’ve imagined that there a limited no. of souls in the world, and the same get recycled.. and as humans are increasing, animals are decreasing.. but there is a problem with this theory.. like what about when life started? souls must have started from 1 and then slowly increased.. then how can we say that they are not increasing anymore, or that there even exists a soul which survives beyond death?

At this point I’d like to cite reference to a movie which gave a very profound thought to this.. I’m talking about “I, robot” in which a robot becomes self aware.. and I just can’t get that scene out of my head when he is about to be injected with nanobots and he wonders how death feels..

Does that mean that we are too some biochemical machines which are no more when switched off? that we just stop existing and there is nothing beyond or before? maybe we’ve been banished by a superior race of beings who developed us to serve them and we, too, became too self aware..

I like to imagine that we are all in a sims kind of game and some alien kids are controlling our lives.. wouldn’t that explain so many of our irrationalities? Isn’t that how our video game characters would feel if they became self aware? I mean think about how violent our world is and how we are all driven by a desire to acquire new things.. how we need to keep discovering new land to keep away from fighting with each other over the one we already have.. how we will move onto discover other planets when we have exhausted earth. The theory doesn’t seem so far off now, does it?

I remember, I read a book named “Sophie’s World” where Sophie is a character in a book a father is writing for her daughter, but we see the world from Sophie’s eyes and slowly realize that she is just a self aware character.. she just has an illusion of free will….

Maybe we are just a virus colony on a small part of the universe which lies on a stool of some insect of another dimension floating in the plumbing system we call our universe, around other dirt and shit we call stars and galaxies, lying around other pieces of shit, we call parallel universes….

I am also reminded of George Carlin, who said he doesn’t believe in or pray to God.. but he does worship the sun, mainly because he can see it, and he prays to his friend Joe Pesci, cuz he looks like he can get things done.. I’ll leave you with his rant on this matter, which as much funny as it is philosophical..

But for all said and done.. even of an all-powerful entity does exist, I don’t think we’ll ever get to know or imagine how he might be..

Eight Things…….

Well, I was reading a blog, and a post had been done by this person, about eight things he’s passionate about, and I thought that was really cool, so here goes my post:

Eight things I am passionate about

Okay let’s see;

1) Movies: Yes, Movies are my biggest passion. I like watching new movies everyday, but sadly my internet connection is slow and it takes me about 2 days to download one. I currently have a “to download” list of about 150 movies. I am so passionate about movies, that I wanna be a director.

2) Psychology: I like to understand how people’s minds work. I like to know why someone did something, and what inspired him to do so. I like to understand human nature, and keep reading my sister’s graduation course books of psychology. And I’m not blowing my trumpets, but I’m really good.

3) Science: I like Biology and Physics, because I like to know the mysterious ways in which nature works. I have always liked human biology, because I wanna know how my body works and reacts. It’s kind of related to my psychology passion. Physics, is total bliss. Einstein is my idol and I love studying quantum mechanics and the string theory.

4) Day Dreaming: I day dream a lot, and I mean a lot. I spend more time day dreaming than I spend studying. I dream about my future life, and ow I would like certain things in my life to be. I often react to things like…”I wouldn’t have done it like this, when I have kids, I’ll do it like that.”

5) Writing: Yes, I like writing, but not my homework, I despise that. But I squeeze out story ideas out of every situation or every tv show I watch, and I have a notepad file full of these ideas. I imagine real characters, so that I understand them. And until, I finish a novel, this blog is my let out.

6) Changing the world: Yes, I’ve always wanted to change the world. In fact, when I used to learn or hear about some important personality, I would immediately think, “When did he die? Maybe I’m his incarnation!”, And this has come with almost all personalities I’ve known about. I try to find similar traits between us and try to connect with him. But, even if I’m not an incarnation of a famous person, I’d like to make a difference in the human world and be famous now.

7) Money: I love money and the feeling that comes from having a lot of it. I want to be a multi billionaire, by hook or by crook. Hell, I’d even rob a bank, ok! I’m kidding, but I do want to be rich. I want me to be able to afford everything that I might want.

8 ) Life: Yes, I want to be immortal. I have always feared death and I never want to die. When I watched “The man from the earth” I thought maybe I’ll be like that, but I’ll only get to know when I’m thirty, but even if I’m not like that guy, I’d like to invent some medicine, which would change my DNA structure, so that I never die. I’ll never get tired of living.

Also, this isn’t my passion, but I’d like to remove the division of man into religious and skin color based groups. Every person is different and unique and his ideals and thoughts must not be trampled in the name of religion or that if they belong to the same color,” they must have a similar opinion” kind of thing, and also abolish reservation, cuz it just hurts unity.

Hey, tell me about your passions in the comments, if you’d like……