The trip to South – Prologue

Drop years are stressful. We had almost zero soical life, we didn’t go to classes much, and we didn’t go out much. All we did was study, talk, eat and sleep(a lot) right there in our own lonely hostel room. Of course it started to get frustrating after a while and we started to fantasize about the places we were gonna go and things we were gonna do after the exams got over. And one day, I said how I’ve always wanted to see the southernmost point of India. That’s how the discussion of going south began.

We planned everything in one night. The cities we were gonna visit, trains we were gonna take, etc. etc. It was an elaborate and wonderful plan made by the three of us – me, my room mate (let’s call him CR) and another friend of ours (let’s call him ST). But when we calculated the money we would need for that trip, we decided to strip it down to just a couple of stations 😛 .

So, after AIEEE we were gonna take the Rajdhani to Bangaluru, visit Mysore, appear for ComedK, and then go to KanyaKumari via Trivandrum. Days no bar… we were gonna freestyle it.. take lifts, travel in local buses, everything you see in travel shows, basically 😛 .

Obviously that didn’t work out 😛 . Our parents needed a concrete plan. Everything was finalized. We’d already booked the Rajdhani to Bangalore, but hadn’t booked the return ticket yet. But after JEE, ST said he couldn’t go anymore and CR said he couldn’t go for so long. So all we had left was Bangalore and Mysore, and that too cuz we had to appear for ComedK.. tough luck. Anyway, Bangalore and Mysore were fine. I booked the return tickets for 9th and we got them in the waiting list.

Meanwhile we also filled the ComedK form.. just as the last date was arriving and there was a problem. The admit card was gonna arrive at my home in Punjab by 1st or 2nd while I was gonna be in the train by 3rd. So, a cousin of a cousin (we’ll call him M) who lives in Bangalore was contacted and it was gonna be mailed to him. And it was also decided that we were gonna stay at his place. Shit. Trip ruined.! or so I thought at that time.

Anyway, Aieee came and went with it’s share of drama, we cleared out the hostel and finally left for Bangalore on 3rd. I wouldn’t say the journey was uneventful. We spent most of it standing at the gate with earphones in our ears, but we still managed to get involved into a fight with the family in our cabin(hey, it was their fault), and made friends with a hell lot of people. The train was filled with people who were going just to take the ComedK.

We were welcomed to Bangalore on 5th by Auto-wallas shouting out 400 and 350 rs. for a journey to M’s place, which cost 180 rs. by prepaid auto. I had a feeling this was gonna be a fun trip.

Yep, the system sucks………….

We have just proved that Indian politicians have sold their souls to the devil and now just live on votes. They would go to any extent for getting and securing votes. They think that doing good work will not have them elected, but rigging vote booths and saving a vote bank by dividing India will.

A latest example is the clearance of the OBC quota law. Now, the SCs, STs and OBCs will have a total of 49.5% reservation in all central universities including IIT, IIM and even JNU and DU. The cream layer of OBC will be excluded which includes, kids of judges and gov. officers, and kids of other wealthy parents. Even the private universities have to follow this, which is unconstitutional according to one of the judges deciding the case. You tell me, is it necessary today that reservations should be kept. Sure it was when certain caste people weren’t given admission in temple schools, but now no one asks about your caste when you go to get admission anywhere except when you fill it out yourself. How is it needed anymore? How forward do they wanna take India when our Government keeps dividing us on caste bases and then asks us to be tolerant of others? They just want to get votes.

And in this so called “Democarcy”, the Government doesn’t even want to hear the public out. The so many possessions and morchas have been squashed, students have been killed and lathi charges are common. So, they are taking away our only right which we could practice without restrictions. And the CJI has to say on this that, “Reservation is one of the many tools that are used to preserve….essence of equality so that disadvantaged groups can be brought to the forefront of civil life.” What disadvantaged groups? When people don’t discriminate, why does the government? I’ll tell you what, the parties should give their votebank a 100% reservation, and we shall be pushed out to other countries, cuz that what it looks like, we are halfway there.

I wanna clarify that I am not writing against the SC, ST, or OBCs, but against the way Democracy is practiced in India. I might even be charged under the law for speaking against the Government cuz the right to speech is not of importance anymore, cuz if mass protests are crushed, who am I? Our fundamental rights are taken away, and then they call out to us to fulfill our fundamental duty of voting which is already rigged with gifts and fake votes and hollow promises. Well I say this to those people:

Well, anyway enjoy your votebank. My faith in democracy has been broken. Communism or anything else, anyone?

BTW, I got admission in Bansal Classes……………..

10 shows which make TV still watchable………………II

Yes, back to the list. So I was talking about how the TV is filled with daily soaps and reality shows on every channel. Reality shows are just a method of earning money by gathering votes. But, it was a real mystery why women liked daily soaps, despite them being away from reality. But, I found an answer a few days ago that the women actually see their own figure in the “heroines” of these shows. They try to identify with them, and think what would they do in such a situation. They want to be a rebel or a sacrificing lady like whoever Tulsi and others. Anyway back to the list:

6. Scrubs – Do you think hospitals and medical training is funny? It certainly is in this alternate universe. Scrubs really does seem to be in another universe. It’s a story of doctors, janitors, assistants, friends, relationships, and much much more. It presents the problems and tensions of doctors and employees in such a funny way, that you can’t help but crack into a laugh. It’s a sugar coated lesson in life. You can catch it everyday at 9:30 pm on Star World. Here’s a link.


7. The Simpsons – Who doesn’t know about the Simpsons? Even after 2 decades of it’s running, the episodes are still as original and as funny as hell. The style of The Simpsons is just so absurd and funny, that you can’t help loving this show. The story revolves around Homer and his family in Springfield. I don’t know what it is about this show that makes people love it, but we just do. Bringing a fresh episode everyday, it is an excellent entertainer, airing everyday at 6 pm on Star World. Here’s a link.


8. Sun Yaar Chill Maar – Ahh, after so many English shows, here’s another show that has qualified for my top ten list. It is one of the most original and most entertaining shows I’ve seen being churned out from the Indian TV channels. The story revolves around 6 college friends in Delhi, and their daily problems. You never get bored with the vulgar style of Omi like “Uska toh ghanna lamba hai……..[pause], kadd”, neither do you get bored of the yos by piddi. I think it is a true representation of Indian Youth(in a funny way), offering characters of every kind. You can catch it Monday-Thursday at 10:30 pm on Bindass. Here’s a link.


9. The Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry – Another evergreen show. Whenever nothing worthwhile is being shown on the TV, this show often comes to my rescue. I never get bored of an episode no matter how many times I have seen it before. The characters are all colourful, and I think you’ll really like it, no matter whether you are a kid or an adult. Tom and Jerry is another such cartoon, which never gets old. I don’t know the exact timings of these shows, but Looney Toons airs on POGO and Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network. Here’s a link.


10. Discovery Channel, History Channel ‘n’ Nat Geo – Yes, I know the name doesn’t have the name of a show. But, my list seemed incomplete without the mention of these channels. I don’t watch any particular shows on these channels, but most of the time, happen to catch something that grabs my interest. They are great channels and I don’t think they are boring or nerdy. Rather, they help us understand Science, History and Cultures in a fun way.

I also loved these shows till they got canceled and I got tired of watching the re-runs. But they deserve a special mention. They are Khichdi, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Aliens in America, Lizzie McGuire and That’s so Raven.

Ok, I don’t know how this works, but I tag whoever wants to do a post about their favourite TV shows, including you Ish (from Dead End), Balu (from CHUPchap) and Amit (from mashed musings).

Do you use virgin?

Well I’m not talking about a condom or anything, I’m talking about virgin mobile service. I think it has been recently launched in India and these two commercials by them, just crack me up…very innovative and funny.

No. 1

I like the girl in this commercial, she is cute and kind of hot

No. 2

I am definitely gonna try this the next time I get caught jumping a red light