Puzzle Time!

Firstly, yeah I know I’ve retired from this.. but u can make a speacial appearance once in a while, right?

Ok, on with the post. I’ve won three quizzes in the past few days. Firstly I won the “Riddle and Rhyme” on Reema’s blog. Then I won the moviemax “Sabse Bada Filmi Keeda” and today I got a Delhi 6 audio cd from bollywood hungama as I won a quiz I took part in a month ago.


But I haven’t been as lucky everywhere. My first exam today which was maths went horribly and I hope I get atleast 50/100. Anyway, as directed by Reema, I have to continue the chain, but I couldn’t rhyme so there’s no poem but here’s the picture puzzle.. You have to guess what is shown in the picture.. All the comments are in moderation for 2 days after which a winner will be declared. Take it away:6398-2

And on a leaving note, here’s a clip of the stand up comedian Russell Peters, whose parents are Indians and he was born in Canada. I recently watched his dvd, Outsourced and I haven’t laughed that hard in at least a year. This is one of his most famous sketches about how his father used to beat him. Strongly recommended!