The IIT Race

That’s right, I am an official participant of the IIT race. But, lets face it, I only want to do engineering because of all the money, my real interest is movies(more about that later). I am a creative person, and so I wanna be a software engineer which is creative and cool, and also earns a lot of money. I have filled out and sent the forms for admission to Bansal Classes, Kota; and Vidyamandir Classes, Delhi. Well these guys do IIT selection in miniature way. Lakhs try for admission in Bansal classes from all over India, and only 10,000 get admission, because it’s India’s damn best institute. My friend, who is one year ahead of me and a current student of the institute praises it a lot, and says I’ll get admitted easily. Yeah right! This guy was like a genius scoring 95% in I.C.S.E. board exams, and I scored 80% in my pre-boards, which does not make me look so good. But, I’m gonna try, but I really wanna get admission in Delhi because of all the dating culture and pretty girls. Hey, don’t blame me, I’m only human. Well, atleast my parents are happy on the thought that I wanna study hard. But I don’t get this that to become a software engineer, I have to study Chemistry and Maths for another two years, which I totally hate and score the lowest in. A hard price to pay, but no one forced me, and it’s the only way I see, so what the hell, I say, bring it on!


Dead End

I want to dedicate my blog to ishmeet of the blog “dead end”, because I saw this theme on his blog and applied it here, and also because we are pretty similar in thoughts(and religion). Also I like his blog, and I hope I get some traffic from the guys searching for his blog(sorry ish). Anyway, here’s his blog address

Hello world!

Hello all! Welcome to my blog. Well its a simple blog for me to let my feelings out. I had a blog, but no one came, so I deleted it, but I came to realize that it really doesn’t matter, a blog is my space and it hardly matters if it isn’t popular, so here I am. Please enjoy my blog and leave feedback……