Addicted to Oneitis-I

Well, first let me explain what oneitis means. It means being hung up and obsessed of one girl, who you think you love and won’t be able to live if you don’t see them, but it’s actually a loser’s game. Yes, I admit it, I used to be a loser, and some of it is still with me.

So It all began when I was like 13 years old. Yeah, the good old days. So Disney Channel was new here in India, and I used to watch Lizzie Mcguire everyday. I think I started liking Lizzie’s character, but I was stupid, you know, so I thought I liked Hilary Duff. So, anyway, I started searching stuff about her on the internet and I was sure within a few days that I was in love with her(I hadn’t thought deeply about love then). When I found out that she was like 4 years elder to me, I was crushed, you know emotionally. But It took a back seat and I grew more and more obsessed about her. I even made a kundli match of us on a software. I also found about the word “crush” and knew that this was my first crush. Mind you, this was when no one in India had even noticed her, rather than now, when every other boy is crazy about her. So, anyway, I thought that it was a really big deal and thought that no one should know about it. The condition was this, that my 9th grade books were covered in different styled “HD” signs all over. I even developed a secret way to write english alphabets in a different way, so that I could write how I feel about her, and now my books were scribbled with “Hilary Duff” in those secret alphabets. I used to listen to songs for hours lying on the bed, and my eyes used to be wet often when I saw Lizzie Mcguire(Maybe it was because of constantly staring on the TV, maybe it was because of her). I downloaded lots of wallpapers of her and started daydreaming about how I’d meet her and all. I planned that I would start an animation company, HRK Walt, and one day, I would cast her as the actress. When I found out about Joel Madden(now her ex), I thought that I would even settle being in her good books, you know be one of her friends. I even once wore a pendant with her pic in there, and when my mother found it in my room, I said that the picture came with it, like in the frames.hilary-duff.jpg

But, as I grew up, I slowly found out that it wasn’t such a big deal, and I discussed about it with my best friend. He totally understood me. I also started getting to know more about sex, but I never really had any bad or vulgar thoughts about it, it was a pure crush I would never experience again. She was my dream girl. But, slowly I started controlling myself, decreasing my obsession, and becoming more normal. This action was also encouraged by a dream about her, which I would write about someday else. So, I started getting over her by the time I was in 10th grade(15 years old). But, if I get a chance I would even choose her if you would ask me to choose between her and the sexiest girl in the world and I still wanna be her friend if I ever become famous enough to know her. After that encounter, I was normal, it felt nice you know, watching other girls, spreading the net far and wide, and being a free butterfly. But, what did I know that the next blow was just around the corner……………………………….read the next post to find out.

Roadies just got fair!!

Today’s Episode rocked!!! Hands down!, the best Roadie episode ever, full of excitement, rush and nail biting action. And Roadies is fair, at least for these two episodes. The last 11 Roadies have to prove themselves, and 6 would be taken abroad to Thailand. In Rannvijay’s words, “We’ll make sure only deserving roadies are taken abroad.”

Prabhjot challenged Anmol.

Vikrant challenged Nihal.

Snehashish challenged Ashutosh (fuckin’ bastard knows ashu is hurt).

Ankita challenged Shambhavi.

What the first two pairs had to do was stand on a plank in front of each other at a height and try to cut the plank of the one standing in front of him with an axe.

So, Prabhjot beat Anmol(YAY!), and got back in the game. But, the best thing that happened was that Shambhavi’s real face got exposed and now even Nihal is against him, and as Nihal had been hearing abuses all night, he came with “josh” and just cut his way into the roadies smoothly, beating Vikrant. We finally have 2 real ROADIES. Congrats everyone, waiting for the next episode. Ankita vs. Shambhavi + Snehashish vs. Ashutosh. Jo anjaam hoga, acchha hi hoga.

Eight Things…….

Well, I was reading a blog, and a post had been done by this person, about eight things he’s passionate about, and I thought that was really cool, so here goes my post:

Eight things I am passionate about

Okay let’s see;

1) Movies: Yes, Movies are my biggest passion. I like watching new movies everyday, but sadly my internet connection is slow and it takes me about 2 days to download one. I currently have a “to download” list of about 150 movies. I am so passionate about movies, that I wanna be a director.

2) Psychology: I like to understand how people’s minds work. I like to know why someone did something, and what inspired him to do so. I like to understand human nature, and keep reading my sister’s graduation course books of psychology. And I’m not blowing my trumpets, but I’m really good.

3) Science: I like Biology and Physics, because I like to know the mysterious ways in which nature works. I have always liked human biology, because I wanna know how my body works and reacts. It’s kind of related to my psychology passion. Physics, is total bliss. Einstein is my idol and I love studying quantum mechanics and the string theory.

4) Day Dreaming: I day dream a lot, and I mean a lot. I spend more time day dreaming than I spend studying. I dream about my future life, and ow I would like certain things in my life to be. I often react to things like…”I wouldn’t have done it like this, when I have kids, I’ll do it like that.”

5) Writing: Yes, I like writing, but not my homework, I despise that. But I squeeze out story ideas out of every situation or every tv show I watch, and I have a notepad file full of these ideas. I imagine real characters, so that I understand them. And until, I finish a novel, this blog is my let out.

6) Changing the world: Yes, I’ve always wanted to change the world. In fact, when I used to learn or hear about some important personality, I would immediately think, “When did he die? Maybe I’m his incarnation!”, And this has come with almost all personalities I’ve known about. I try to find similar traits between us and try to connect with him. But, even if I’m not an incarnation of a famous person, I’d like to make a difference in the human world and be famous now.

7) Money: I love money and the feeling that comes from having a lot of it. I want to be a multi billionaire, by hook or by crook. Hell, I’d even rob a bank, ok! I’m kidding, but I do want to be rich. I want me to be able to afford everything that I might want.

8 ) Life: Yes, I want to be immortal. I have always feared death and I never want to die. When I watched “The man from the earth” I thought maybe I’ll be like that, but I’ll only get to know when I’m thirty, but even if I’m not like that guy, I’d like to invent some medicine, which would change my DNA structure, so that I never die. I’ll never get tired of living.

Also, this isn’t my passion, but I’d like to remove the division of man into religious and skin color based groups. Every person is different and unique and his ideals and thoughts must not be trampled in the name of religion or that if they belong to the same color,” they must have a similar opinion” kind of thing, and also abolish reservation, cuz it just hurts unity.

Hey, tell me about your passions in the comments, if you’d like……

Do you use virgin?

Well I’m not talking about a condom or anything, I’m talking about virgin mobile service. I think it has been recently launched in India and these two commercials by them, just crack me up…very innovative and funny.

No. 1

I like the girl in this commercial, she is cute and kind of hot

No. 2

I am definitely gonna try this the next time I get caught jumping a red light

An unusual measurement method

So, I was going through my RSS and I found this interesting post on by about unusual measurement method used in this cup:


Harry White designed this measuring cup with units of measure like “tyrannosaurus rex brain,” “vol. of body cells that die on a good day,” and “enough plutonium to make a bomb.” He also has a cookbook with recipes that use these measurement units.

Here’s the link to the post:

Chemistry sucks….but I did good in the exam

Well, today was my 10th board chemistry exam and it went very well. When my revision was finally over by 4:30 in the morning, i slept for 2 and a half hours to wake up again at 7 o’ clock. When I was driving to the school, I was actually thinking which chapters will help me score at least passing marks. I was so confused between organic chemistry and different compounds and their properties, that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to pass. But, the questions were as easy as they could be and I am sure that I will score 65-70 out of 80.

I also wanna tell you about my hate for chemistry. I haven’t really liked it, ever since it was introduced in 6th grade, but it was okay till 8th. But in 9th and this new teacher, and I don’t know, our vibes didn’t complement each other and I hated her from the moment I saw her. My hate for Chemistry also kept growing and now, at the end of tenth, I despise it. I don’t know how I am gonna study it for another 2 years. Well anyway, atleast I score good……Chao! and please comment people……

Here goes Physics….

So, today was my Physics exam and it went awesome. It was the easiest there could be. But I must admit that I studied nothing the first day and did only 2 chapters the next day. I did 9 chapters the last day and 2 on the morning of the exam. But, nevertheless, it went good. But I have a regret, the exam was an hour and a half long and I skipped one sub-part due to the hassle in the end, which I noticed after coming out. But, it was for only 1 mark, so I’m happy. Rejoice in my triumph over another paper. Just 4 more to go!

But, now I’m realising, that for other subjects, I could forget what I’d learned, they were the last exams for those subjects, but I have to study Physics for another 2 years. Hard luck, huh?

MTV Roadies 5.0- The Prabhjot Voteout

Man, what happened in that last vote out was totally unfair. But, the thing is that she was having too much fights with Shambhavi and Nihal is in her back pocket, so they had to win. You know the thing is that some people just play this game, but we can somehow tell that shambhavi is a genuinely bad person. She is one of those girls of high school, who care more about their make-up, than a person dying near them. They would much rather apply blush, then take that man to the hospital, and the bad thing is that boys drool all over them, which gives them further, what do you call it, you know kind of like “inspiration”, to continue doing what they are doing. But, I just don’t see the hotness in this unhumane-ness and I’ve always found her rather annoying. And I was very upset when Prabhjot got voted out, more than I was when Sneha was voted out, cuz that vote out was his fault, but this vote out was just unfair and unjust. Ashu gave the others the immunity, cuz if Prabhjot’s team had gotten it, one member of the other team would have been out, but the others would have gone against Ashu. And Sonel went with the majority too. So I was pissed off, until the new ad for roadies came, where they said that they would only take the best of 13 abroad. So, the best wins. You know I agree with Raghu, these guys are like the worst Roadies ever, they keep falling, their performance is so bad that no team gets an immunity and they have just 1 lakh after 7 vote outs. Lets see what happens next, may the best move on.(Read: I hope Shambhavi gets out)


No, I’m not talking about the Novel, I’m talking about a situation. Catch-22 is a situation where two decisions contradict each other. For example, in the novel there’s a war, in which a soldier can only be sent back if he demands and he is insane, but if he demands, he is sane and can’t be sent back home and if he is insane, he won’t ask to be sent back. This is Catch-22.

Anyway, back to my situation. I’m giving entrance exams for Bansal Classes, Kota and Vidyamandir, Delhi. The results will be announced 11th April and after that. But, the two schools I’m applying for in my city, in case I don’t make it in the coaching centers, declare their results on 2nd and 4th April, and they will ask for about 5-7k rupees to be deposited as admission fee, by like 7th or 8th. Further, the most famous coaching center in my city(for IIT) starts classes 6th April and ask for half yearly fees of about 15-20k to be deposited in one go. Their sits are filled like hot cakes, so there’s not a chance I could take admission later. So what am I supposed to do if I don’t get admission in either of the two centers. Am I supposed to deposit the fees for the local center? What happens then, if I do get admission in either of the above. Do I waste 20k? I am in a real pickle and don’t know what to do. Finally I’ve come to a decision that I’ll deposit the fees for the school and skip the local center. If it doesn’t work out, it just might be for the best. Suggestions are welcomed.

Update(4th April, 2008): Thanks for all the suggestions……..yeah right, unhelpful people. Anyway, I have deposited money for the local school and the local center’s result comes out on 15th, thankfully. Atleast wish me luck for Bansal and Vidyamandir exams……….

Well….about Geography

The preparation went well, but I don’t hope to score as much as I would have liked to, because the topo-sheets were tough and the map was super tough.

Well you know the thing about Geography is that I like to study the natural phenomenons and stuff, which we had to study in 9th, I scored nothing less than 75 out of 80. But, in 10th we had to study SAARC, all the physical features of all countries, and their industries along with their natural and mineral wealths. I find it very difficult to study the countries and was never able to score good in geography whenever we had to study about countries. The only time I scored good was in 7th class, because our teacher was so good, that no one failed. He was strict, but no one could explain and make us learn geography as well as he did. That year, geography was like smooth butter. The teacher we have in 10th is also nice, but the students bugger her a lot, and she easily gets heated up. Much time in class was wasted while she was lecturing students who wouldn’t study any way, and students who are too intelligent to study in class(they don’t care much about the lessons).

The exam went fine, but when all the papers had been collected, the students started shouting and talking loudly as always. Actually there is only 1 I.C.S.E. school for boys in our city, and that is always made the center. So these boys shout and clap and sing nursery rhymes(yeah, i know they are retarded). They do this to discuss the paper and annoy the teachers, latter being the bigger reason. The supervisor(who wasn’t from our school) got so annoyed today that she called our sir from the office. He started shouting in the mic and we weren’t able to understand anything, so students laughed even harder. But, after much anger from his side, they shut up(I said they cuz I don’t behave like them). A comment or two were passed during his speech about being from a convent school and behaving like animals. When he shut up, they started again and he gave up and just stood there. Inside I was so laughing at that guy, that no one was listening to him, and I realized that I had grown to disrespect teachers. I was a very obedient boy, but I was slowly becoming one of “them.” Ah well who cares…….f*ck the teachers, we hate those who hate us..