Looking Back……..board exams

Well, now that the board exams are over, I thought I should look back and see how I did.

So let’s begin, the first exam was English Language, which went OK, I mean not very good, not very bad…., the second was English Literature, which went bad as always, the thing is that I can understand the poems and Shakespeare, but I can’t learn “words from the text” due to which I always score low. Next was EVS, which was again OK, and I was worried by then and decided that I got to cover up for these bad exams. Next was History and Civics which went much better than expected, I mean much much better, the paper was very easy. Geography was good too. I was happy and along came Physics, which was also good, and Chemistry went with the trend….Maths was excellent, I expect to get full marks. Physical Education was expected to be easy, but the exam was very difficult, but because I had studies well and not taken it lightly like many others, I did good. Finally came Biology, which was the real blow in my face. It was the only subject I found interesting and easy, and my work was done by 9 o’ clock that night, unlike the others where I was up till 1 or 2. But the exam was so difficult, that I already expect 5 mistakes worth 5 marks, and I don’t know how many others I am gonna make.

Overall, I guess I did OK, I mean I could have done better, but let’s be frank, I didn’t study that well in the preparatories(I will post about them later), and I will be able to get about 90%, which is common in ICSE, so it’s good, many regrets, but aakhir nikal hi gaye.

Chemistry sucks….but I did good in the exam

Well, today was my 10th board chemistry exam and it went very well. When my revision was finally over by 4:30 in the morning, i slept for 2 and a half hours to wake up again at 7 o’ clock. When I was driving to the school, I was actually thinking which chapters will help me score at least passing marks. I was so confused between organic chemistry and different compounds and their properties, that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to pass. But, the questions were as easy as they could be and I am sure that I will score 65-70 out of 80.

I also wanna tell you about my hate for chemistry. I haven’t really liked it, ever since it was introduced in 6th grade, but it was okay till 8th. But in 9th and this new teacher, and I don’t know, our vibes didn’t complement each other and I hated her from the moment I saw her. My hate for Chemistry also kept growing and now, at the end of tenth, I despise it. I don’t know how I am gonna study it for another 2 years. Well anyway, atleast I score good……Chao! and please comment people……

Here goes Physics….

So, today was my Physics exam and it went awesome. It was the easiest there could be. But I must admit that I studied nothing the first day and did only 2 chapters the next day. I did 9 chapters the last day and 2 on the morning of the exam. But, nevertheless, it went good. But I have a regret, the exam was an hour and a half long and I skipped one sub-part due to the hassle in the end, which I noticed after coming out. But, it was for only 1 mark, so I’m happy. Rejoice in my triumph over another paper. Just 4 more to go!

But, now I’m realising, that for other subjects, I could forget what I’d learned, they were the last exams for those subjects, but I have to study Physics for another 2 years. Hard luck, huh?

Well….about Geography

The preparation went well, but I don’t hope to score as much as I would have liked to, because the topo-sheets were tough and the map was super tough.

Well you know the thing about Geography is that I like to study the natural phenomenons and stuff, which we had to study in 9th, I scored nothing less than 75 out of 80. But, in 10th we had to study SAARC, all the physical features of all countries, and their industries along with their natural and mineral wealths. I find it very difficult to study the countries and was never able to score good in geography whenever we had to study about countries. The only time I scored good was in 7th class, because our teacher was so good, that no one failed. He was strict, but no one could explain and make us learn geography as well as he did. That year, geography was like smooth butter. The teacher we have in 10th is also nice, but the students bugger her a lot, and she easily gets heated up. Much time in class was wasted while she was lecturing students who wouldn’t study any way, and students who are too intelligent to study in class(they don’t care much about the lessons).

The exam went fine, but when all the papers had been collected, the students started shouting and talking loudly as always. Actually there is only 1 I.C.S.E. school for boys in our city, and that is always made the center. So these boys shout and clap and sing nursery rhymes(yeah, i know they are retarded). They do this to discuss the paper and annoy the teachers, latter being the bigger reason. The supervisor(who wasn’t from our school) got so annoyed today that she called our sir from the office. He started shouting in the mic and we weren’t able to understand anything, so students laughed even harder. But, after much anger from his side, they shut up(I said they cuz I don’t behave like them). A comment or two were passed during his speech about being from a convent school and behaving like animals. When he shut up, they started again and he gave up and just stood there. Inside I was so laughing at that guy, that no one was listening to him, and I realized that I had grown to disrespect teachers. I was a very obedient boy, but I was slowly becoming one of “them.” Ah well who cares…….f*ck the teachers, we hate those who hate us..

History sucks…

Well today was my history BOARD exam. First let me tell you that I had to prepare 29 chapters in 1 day, cuz I wasted my other day(we get after an exam is finished) and I only had the holiday to study. Also let me tell you that I hate studying History. I like knowing about history of our country and of the world, I watch history channel like all the time, but I hate cramming those facts and all those duties of useless people in civics. Anyway, back to my prepration:

Our generator room was getting fixed and because cut-offs are on the rise, I had to study up on the terrace due to heat, with my sister(more about her later). I must say, I studied nicely than I had in the past year, because I always kept the TV on. I managed to revise the chapters by 2 o’ clock the next morning, and revised them so, that I had confidence for a history exam for the first time. I woke up at 7, and busted my ass for another 3 hours before the exam. I was pretty confident until the Question Paper arrived, it was like a nightmare, I was getting confused among various answers. But I attempted my best and was feeling that I might just be able to score 70/80 after all. But as I came out, the more I talked to my friends, the more I lost confidence, and then I just gave it up. Joh hoga so ho jaye, dubara bhi dena pada to de denge. I hope it was the last History exam of my life.