Who I Was

First I wanna say that Perx is not my name. Once I was gonna sign up on youtube, I couldn’t think of a username which wouldn’t come up as “already in use”, and my earphones were in front of me, and had “Perx” inscribed on them and I signed up as perx. Slowly I started liking this alias and it has stuck with me ever since.

I used to think I was a  loner, but that’s just what wanted to pretend I was. I am an expert at getting One-itises.I am very emotional about my friends, I think even more than I am about my family. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I’ve been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life “Movies”, but I can’t pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I’ve decided to become a software engineer. My career counselor and an astrologer said that I will be successful in whatever I do with all my heart, so I hoped I’ll able to get into IIT, earn a lot of money and die of a heart attack(because of the tension). Or earn a lot of money really fast and open a Mcdonalds.. (free fastfood 😉 ) But that didn’t turn out like I planned, so I guess I’ll just stick with my business for now..

So that was about me, what about you?


57 thoughts on “Who I Was”

  1. You sound like a 2 year younger version of me! I was the exact same, except the fact that I started declining in 8th grade.

    Don’t really listen to what I say next because it wouldn’t be good advice. Don’t ever do something you are not interested in because you won’t manage to be half as good as you could have been in something you are interested in. I know that this would sound really hollow in the kind of world we live. It’s sad because any “out of the ordinary” person is considered a bad student according to our education system. I’ve been the same, and I can see myself in you. Anyway, forget it, concentrate on your studies and clear IIT, that’s all I can say to you. Once you’ve done that and are sure that you have a degree to fall back upon, do try what you want to do if possible. You might earn a lot after going through IIT but at the end of the day, you will feel that this is not where you belong. So always give yourself one chance in life.

  2. yeah, i thought the same, u know. After doing my job, if i’m unsatisfied after 2 years, i will give myself 2 years off to try my hand at direction, and if it doesn’t work out, i’ll understand that i don’t belong there.

  3. Hah! I can fully empathize with ‘declining since 9th syndrome’. I went through the same! Just do what YOU REALLY want to do.. you can money in all fields and a job in software field might not pay as high as it does now, after a few years.. so follow ur interest so that you have no regrets

  4. Nice to know about ya…..
    Declining-in-studies syndrome stuck me when I was in 8th. So don’t worry……There are many people out there like us.LOL

  5. Nice to know bout you and add me to the declining – in- studies – since 9th list as well . Personally I feel that its best to enjoy the years you have now as you will never get them back , but prove what you are made of later. Studies is important but that doesn’t mean a person has to always be in books . Being average is fun atleast for me 😛 And as for my aim , I totally am clueless about what i wanna be. Anyways , I agree with ish and Balu …Its not about what others say its about what you really want ..so just follow your heart …(:

  6. @Ranko
    Yeah, i know…….these years are the best years of ones life and later, the responsibility crap just kills you, so we gotta enjoy.
    Welcome to my blog…..

  7. You sound a lot like Ish. I’m the same in decline with studying. Now it’s just another added nightmare that I want out of but can’t for another 5 years.

  8. @Sha
    I’d consider that good for me that i sound like him….
    Yeah, u know slowly we just lose interest cuz it kind of doesn’t matter………hope u survive those 5 years well

  9. @yaake
    Doesn’t matter bro, u have a really good blog….just keep churning out good stuff
    Thanks for the “lovely blog” comment. Yeah, decline is pretty common, but mine happened due to carelessness which seems wrong to me….

  10. Whenever I read or here Who Am I? anywhere I hear “BATMAN” [with wacky music] in my head. lol.

    I can understand you about the decline in studies part, burnout. Suffered from it in 9th too.

    Rock on! 🙂

  11. Nah I don’t think it was the cartoon one. This was from an HBO trailer of the Batman and Robin Movie [or perhaps Batman Forever] which HBO liked to put on frequently a few years ago. It had the Joker on the screen with somebody screaming BAAAAAAATMAAAAAAAN!

  12. @ashish
    yeah, maybe it was from hbo, but when u said it, i remembered that i had also heard that line somewhere…………………….

  13. When I read your blog, I could not make out that you are only 16. Your thoughts, style of writing and even the presentation of your blog are very mature. Keep up this impressive work. Well done.

  14. Hi Perx! My decline started much later than yours — when I started med school. It’s not that I lost interest in studying, but I realized the importance of maintaining a balance among several different interests. All the best to you, and may your career counselor & astrologer’s prediction come true.

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  16. i believe i am visiting your blog for the first time…but i really liked your “about me” because i am too traveling in the same boat 😀
    i can very well understand the heat of expectations but as all the people above suggested …please do only what you like ……and if you feel out of place for any reason it is an indication that its not your call and you should get off with it! 😀

  17. @Arpit
    Kya karein yaar..thoda practical hona padega.. paise ke bina kuch nahi hota… so passions tab follow ho sakte hain..jab security ho..
    anyway, hope to see u here often

    Hey there… thanx!
    Cool yaar.. u are a fellow victim.. hope to see u here often!

  18. Hi Perx,

    Lot of nice stuffs are here to read.. great going. Very determined and having a clear plan about future is a nice to hear 🙂

    Will read your posts and comment on that soon

  19. Bansal?? Shit!! Thats like torture camp, right?
    I’ve heard from a couple of friends of mine who do blog, abt these classes….
    I’m one year senior to you.. Do visit my blog to know abt me and my roller coaster life.. 😛
    Nice to get to know you! 🙂

  20. @kanagu
    thanx.. will visit ur blog too

    Not exactly torture camp.. but as i told my friend the other day..
    its a wonder that i got to visit hell while still alive…
    nice to meet u 2.. will visit ur blog soon

  21. Hi,
    I am an ex-bansalite and I can really understand your frustration with the state of things in Kota. I remeber seeing only pigs and students on the streets of Vigyan Nagar. The kind of peer pressure which mediocre(as compared to IIT toppers) students are subjected to is really depressing. It was nice to read your blog, its quite rare now-a-days to find an honest blog.

  22. Heh. Hey hey, Perx. I so totally like yer blog! ^_^

    Plus, a *hi5*.. yer probably the only guy who’s just turned 16 and all that jazz. I mean, theres nobody on the internet who’s 16, you know. Except my school friends, but I’m talking about epals.

    Anyway. What are Bansal Classes, again? I’m sorry that I’m so ignorant, but, er, BANSAL classes? Narayana, anyone?

    And, yes, ’bout me? I’m pretty much like you. Except for the part where I’m all cheerful and bubbly and this and that. Heh.

    Teh BR.. =)

    P.S.: I told daddy that I was kinda mad at myself for being all fat and stuff and guess what he said? “Blame the family genes, beta. I’m fat too”

    ! =D

    LOL, it’s true after all, innit? =DD

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  24. Hey perx….Nice Blog mate…you and i’ve a lot in common….even i am in 11th grade, study at bansal (left this october, right in the middle of the session)…I also cant live without movies…its my favourite pastime.

    It would be nice if you do visit my blog (i’m a newbie)….


    by the way, in which batch are you in currently??

  25. @Vikas Gupta
    Ummmm… ok.. I guess all i can say is… good for you! So u are a phd student and I am a kid.. ok point taken, but i still don’t get why u wanted to point that out…

  26. Oh! I mean it as a compliment. I am a kid by heart.

    I found you at Movie Maniax (filimi Keeda) and was in a hurry and read only this page. You are just 16 (teen) unlike me who is ten year more than that!

    And you asked what about you?! So I wrote those lines!

  27. Hello Perx, it is Russia-US bilateral relations, 2000-2008. Leaving now; will show up after some months (busy). You may read about page on my blog for more! Bye for now. 🙂

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