More than a year…

Oh my god man, can you believe it, its been more than a year since I started this blog… I was just reading some old posts and I can’t believe how much I have changed.. I am like a whole different person now..
Anyway, People celebrate birthdays even of their dead kids and this blog isn’t dead, just asleep. So I guess it deserves a wish..

Belated Happy Birthday “Back and Forth”!!

Oh my god.. I’m almost nostalgic.. so signing off!

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

25 thoughts on “More than a year…”

  1. Happy birthday, I guess even i should celebrate mine. It was two years ago I started killing my time here. πŸ˜€
    Nice idea…
    happy birthday to your blog.. πŸ™‚

  2. nice idea to celebrate the blog’s birthday. people celebrate 100th post, 200th post entry etc. but i guess birthdays can be celebrated too.

    Happy Birthday to your blog!

  3. Happy Birthday to you Blog!!
    Why aren’t you blogging these days? I blogged like crazy during 12th grade. To remove all the frustration and stress =D
    Hows 12th grade treating you? All the Best! =)

  4. Hey Yaar, so sorry I haven’t read your blog in a while. I’ve kinda lost touch with everything.

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG, one of the most humble and self-deprecating out there, lol.

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