Puzzle Time!

Firstly, yeah I know I’ve retired from this.. but u can make a speacial appearance once in a while, right?

Ok, on with the post. I’ve won three quizzes in the past few days. Firstly I won the “Riddle and Rhyme” on Reema’s blog. Then I won the moviemax “Sabse Bada Filmi Keeda” and today I got a Delhi 6 audio cd from bollywood hungama as I won a quiz I took part in a month ago.


But I haven’t been as lucky everywhere. My first exam today which was maths went horribly and I hope I get atleast 50/100. Anyway, as directed by Reema, I have to continue the chain, but I couldn’t rhyme so there’s no poem but here’s the picture puzzle.. You have to guess what is shown in the picture.. All the comments are in moderation for 2 days after which a winner will be declared. Take it away:6398-2

And on a leaving note, here’s a clip of the stand up comedian Russell Peters, whose parents are Indians and he was born in Canada. I recently watched his dvd, Outsourced and I haven’t laughed that hard in at least a year. This is one of his most famous sketches about how his father used to beat him. Strongly recommended!

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

20 thoughts on “Puzzle Time!”

  1. Congratulations Perx!! U were absolutely amazing at the quiz. I am glad u r ‘sabse bada keeda’

    Sorry, I am not even trying to find out what that picture is as I had already been part of this as Reema had guessed the Riddle which I posted and eventually u guessed the one which she had posted…

    Yet, I will look for the answer..

  2. Lol, I love special appearances. Sorry about your exam yaar, Maths is the worst. Congrats on winning all the competitions though, that’s always fun.

    Awesome clip, lol, i remember my mum once calling my bluff on that too. She said they would take me away and put me somewhere I wouldn’t get any halaal food, lmao, I never threatened her again.

    And if you’re ever bored (lol, once you’re done with exams), I recommend Dave Chappelle. His stand up is quite good but if you manage to find his Comedy Central Seasons, you’ll burst.

  3. @Vee
    Thanx… did u find the answer?
    Ahh.. never mind.. i almost knew this tag would die here..

    Who was the second person to have gussed the fish? Have him do the tag so it doesn’t die..

    I know.. but it hadn’t been for me..
    I have heard a lot abt Dave Chappelle, I’ll definitely check his work out. Thanx for the suggestion!

  4. I think it is a corpse flower.
    Amorphophallus titanum ‘Titan Arum’.
    This giant aroid from Sumatra can reach 20ft tall with its single, umbrella-like leaf, and its bloom is classed as the largest un-branched inflorescence in the word at over 9ft tall. The morbid ‘Corpse Flower’ name comes from the smell of rotting flesh and the color of spoiled meat associated with the bloom, pollinated by flies and beetles in its habitat.

  5. @Enchanted
    You are absolutely correct! *trumpets blowing*whistles*thunderous clapping*
    Go ahead and post a picture puzzle on ur blog and continue the tag.. for more creative inspiration, see reema’s picture puzzle post…

  6. Russel Peters FTW!! Have you seen the whole of that show? It was out on DVD.
    The next best joke from his dad is, about his dad askin him if he was gay cos he belonged to this industry. Have you seen his first stage appearance? Its bloody brilliant!

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