Movie review marathon…

Warning: There will be spoilers.

A Clockwork Orange

What can I say about this masterpiece that hasn’t already been said? The theme is the most interesting there could be, that whether it’s right to be bad by choice or to be forced to be good…. tackled beautifully by Anthony Burgess, the author of the novel it’s based upon. And Kubrick has done justice to the book, like I assume he always does with every movie of his.

The story is set in the future, well, atleast the future as perceived by the people in the 1970s. The setting is the work of a genius, and slowly consumes you into it, like you are a part of it. Beethovan’s music is used wonderfully here, and gives Alex’s universe a distinct feel. The language is not exactly the english we speak, infact some words are the author’s invention, but you slowly become accustomed to them, as if you knew them all along. The story is about Alex, a 16 year old boy and his gang of “droogs”. We see in the start how Alex and his friends enjoy a bit of the old “ultra violence” and the old “in-out” a la they are naturally evil. But, the best thing is that it isn’t shoved into our faces and is developed as we see their acts and their reactions. Anyway, Alex becomes the undeclared leader of his group which his friends can’t digest, and betray him thus leading to his capture by police. The scientist’s have come up with a new way to drive “wrong doings” out of prisoners and Alex is picked as the prime candidate and he undergoes the treatment. Now, Alex feels sick whenever violence or sex occur to or around him. But can he really survive in the real world like that.. what happens when his past crimes come face to face with him? You can’t help but be confused, as to how you can feel sorry for such a man! Watch it to find out the whole deal.. I’d spoil it but it’s too good to be spoiled.

The best aspect of the movie is Malcolm McDowell who plays Alex. The man who’s performance is the biggest inspiration of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker in the Dark Knight. A great actor of the likes of Al Pacino I’d say, or even better than him at least in this movie. Others have played their part well too, except a few who seem to be a little misfit in Alex’s universe like his mom. Even though she didn’t have much to work with, my face cringed every time she came on screen.

My judgement, watch it to feel it. Believe me, it will be worth your time. It’s a film that gets you thinking, um.. and humming(seriously I can’t get that song “I am singing in the rain” out of my mid). In Satish’s words, it was to the seventies what fight club is to our generation.

Rating: 8/10

Singh is Kinng

I know, its seems like a crime to me to mention this movie(if it could even justify to be called that) on the same page as the clockwork orange. But, I have to do this crime cuz if I didn’t, most of you would have assumed the post was over and would have left, without noticing the “more” sign at the end of the post…

Anyway, moving on with the review, the film has no story, seriously. It’s just a bunch of crap put up together with a few “bollywood thinks are funny” lines and sidetracks and a pinch of sikhism.

Lucky(Sonu Sood) is the kinng of Australia and rules it with some men very close to him, which also involves Mika(Jaaved Jaafri), his deaf and short sighted brother. Happy(Akshay) is happy go lucky guy who has a habit of playing the hero and helping everyone, even if he destroys half the village doing it. The villagers device a plan to drive him out of the village by convincing him that Lucky’s father’s end is near and he would like to him before dying. He vows to get him back, and is sent to Australia, along with Rangeela, his “langotia yaar”, who knows a little english. They land up on Egypt when their boarding passes get exchanged with some people at the airport. In Egypt, Happy meets Sonia(Kat) while trying to help her catch a thief, and they sing a song. Happy falls in love with her, and decides to come back for her after completing his vow. In Australia, Happy meets Lucky, where he denies to go back. But in a strange accident in which Lucky gets hurt, it is declared that Happy will be the kinng until Lucky is OK. Happy wants to help the lady who fed him when he was lost and hungry in Australia. She had lied to her daughter about them losing their wealth and so, Happy goes onto pose as her manager along with his closest men playing the servants while the lady’s daughter(Sonia), comes back with her fiance Puneet(Ranvir Shorey). Happy and Sonia’s friendship grows, a little of this a little of that..boom! they are married in the end. Everyone’s happy, and Happy and Sonia return to their village along with Lucky, Mika (who turned against him and had a change of heart at the end), and all the other goons.

Seriously now, the characters are very underdeveloped, their motives and actions are unexplained. But, I am ready to overlook that if the film has some bloody comedy. I was seriously counting man, and there was a gap of 30 minutes before I laughted at anything at a point(what could I do except count minutes?). The first half was nice, went by like a breeze, but the second half seemed like Welcome part 2 with the director bent on changing the heart of all the gangsters in every movie of his. Akshay Kumar is the man here, he carries the movie on his shoulders, it would have been worse without him. Katrina is there just to look pretty, which pretty much covers up for her acting(seriously man, she is hot.. or according to one of my friends “kudi tabahi aa”). Sonu Sood is seriously a good actor and carried his role responsibly. Jaaved Jaafri is a talent which does not need to be spoken about, everyone recognises it. Anyway, every one else does their role ok, but bad script and no story don’t help them. And I seriously want to raise a question.. why sikhism? because there is whatsoever no reason for it being there, except maybe for the title.

Man, I had hopes from this movie. Aneez was bad enough with his Welcome but I expected something of Vipul Shah after Waqt and Namastey London.. well seems like I was wrong, but still I’m waiting eagerly for London dreams. Only watch if nothing better is on…

Rating: 3/10 – 1 for Akshay, 1/2 for Katrina, 1/2 for Jaaved Jaafri, 1/2 for Sonu Sood, and 1/2 for the goons

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Bachna Ae Haseeno

Bachna Ae Haseeno can be described in just one way I can think of – the chick flick of the season. Sure we’ve seen many stories of naturals(who can woo women naturally, refer the game by neil strauss) before, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie of a natural going back to apologize to all those girls, sure they’d give him a lesson, but they haven’t taken it further before(I think), at least in Bollywood.

The story revolves around Raj(Ranbir Kapoor), and love which he finds thrice in his life(lucky bastard). The first time at 18, with a sweet little girl named Mahi(Minnisha Lamba), who is looking for her Raj(from DDLJ) on the eurorail and our Raj becomes her Raj, who is also on that trip hunting for european chicks along with his friends. They get seperated from the group on the way and travel all the way to Zurich, was it? Anyway, she falls for him on the way and confesses that her marriage is being fixed. He assures her that he’ll come get her, when he doesn’t plan to. On reaching wherever they were going to Raj brags in front of his friends about going to third base, while he had been only to base one, she overhears it and he leaves her crying.

The next time it comes when he comes to Bombay for his job, where his next door neighbour(Bips), an upcoming model, becomes his live in girlfriend. Raj is being transferred to Australia, and plans to move on with a new life, while Radhika(Bips) announces that she will leave her career for him and wants to marry him. While he tries many unsuccessful tricks to drive her away, she plans their court marriage. Not being able to come up with anything, he ditches Radhika and leaves her crying at the steps of the court.

In Australia, he meets Gayatri(Deepika). He befriends her and slowly falls in love with her. But, when he proposes, she denies leaing him hurt. He remembers what he had done with Mahi and Radhika and decides to go back to India and apologize. But, as his friend says, it isn’t going to be easy, and he goes through much to gain the apologies of the sweet Mahi, who is now married, and Radhika who is now Shreya Rathod, and a big supermodel. When he comes back, we see that Gayatri has had a change of heart and they are united in the end.

The story was ok, infact it was good, but they had to ruin it by adding the happy ending, now didn’t they?

Anyway, Ranbir carries this movie. He is turning out to be a good actor and performs effortlessly. The girls don’t have much to work with, but there is a notable improvement in Minnisha’s acting potential. The story suffers from some cliches but these can be overlooked.

It’s fun, it’s new, it’s for the young. Worth a watch with friends.

Rating: 6/10

The Dark Knight (Not another review)

I know you must have read many reviews, many plot synopsis, so I won’t bore you with more… I will just express my love for it.

Batman has always been my favourite superhero, and the reason behind it is that there is nothing super about him. He is like any one of us, just richer and knows martial arts, but what the heck we can learn martial arts. When I was a kid, I always dreamed of becoming Batman when I grew up, I used to pretend to throw batarangs from my “utility belt”. I used to draw and write about how I would go about making different gadgets used by batman. Even the back pages of my notebooks were filled with the sign of batman. And my acquaintance with him had come from the cartoon network show. Ever since, that had become my favourite portrayal of batman and his enemies. Many other cartoons came, many films were there, but I couldn’t recognize those batmans with the one I had gotten to know. So I sufficed myself with the reruns of my favourite one, which also stopped soon. But then came along batman begins.

I heard about it on the internet, and watched it after a year or two of its release, but when I watched it, I fell in love with it. It was batman as I had perceived it. I loved that movie so much that I watched it for like a month every night before going to sleep. And obviously when The dark knight was announced I was eagerly waiting for it, especially because it had the joker, which was my favourite villain from the cartoon series. But, as fate would have it, I came to Kota, where the stupid inox people didn’t release the movie.

I didn’t want to watch a pirated version on my small laptop screen with its shitty sound quality. So I went to one of those game parlors, and watched the pirated version on a 24″ screen tv. Well, not as good as a theatre, but beggars can’t be choosers. I loved this one much more than the first one. It’s the story of the White Knight more than the story of the dark knight. It marks the beginning of the dark knight and his fight with the joker.

As I said, I won’t review it, cause I can’t put its cinematic brilliance into words better than people who have already reviewed it. But, I will surely applaud Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker, which the best portrayal of a character I have ever seen onscreen. He played the part with such dedication that you can’t help but think, is that really Heath Ledger or the Joker himself. Ofcourse, others were also as good as you have read. I really hope director Christopher Nolan makes a third installment.

Rating: 100/10 (don’t miss it)


And Manjas!

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

8 thoughts on “Movie review marathon…”

  1. Dark knight was just awesome …
    i have written a review on my blog too ..
    infact i have seen it twice 😛
    best of the lot..
    the movie is more than just a superhero movie..
    its a marvel ..
    heath ledger was a genious ..
    may his soul RIP 😦

    i too wrote a review long time back..may be u would like to check that out 🙂

  2. A clockwork orange..seems interesting. Did u watch it on DVD? Singh is Kingg and BAH are ok. Infact Singh is Kingg is better than BAH. Dark Knight rocks ofcourse!

  3. Kaafi movies dekh rahe ho balak. Achcha hai. I have so many movies in my hard drive but I don’t get the time to see any. Saara time kabhi koi test toh kabhi koi project.

    A clockwork orange sounds interesting. I’ll see if I can find it. I didn’t watch Singh is Kinng. It’s not my kind. I didn’t watch Bachna Ae Haseeno either. Mom and dad did though. Dark Knight was brilliant. And I’m gonna go watch Rock On tomorrow and I’m hoping it’ll be great.

    Meanwhile, there’s a serial called 24. Try and see if you can get it. It’s ruddy brilliant. Download karna hai toh pure seasons mil jayenge torrents mein.

    Aur bata, how is everything else going?

  4. Oooo so many movies?
    I have ACO with me. Have to see it asap.
    Singh is Kinng was a headache and I loved BAH!!!!
    It was cool and romantic. 🙂
    And The Dark Knight was one of the few perfect movies which came this year.

  5. @Arvind
    I did check it out man, I might not comment, but I am back there lingering from the window of my google reader… great review!

    Nope, downloaded it 😀
    Don’t know, I personally liked BAH better, but considering that u are a girl, I can understand. Don’t think I am narrow minded, but there still are psychological differences between guys and girls.

    I envy you man, I don’t have much time either(lying…. a bit), but I don’t have a hard drive full of movies either 😛
    Do consider watching BAH once, it was fun.. and post a review of rock on!
    I wish I could download 24, but the speed of wireless internet is just so good, that it takes more than 24 hrs to download a movie.. maybe when i move to a better city after two years….
    everything is going good, oiling karvai thi recently 😉
    check the next post for a longer answer

    More like less movies in so many days yaar…
    Watch ACO soon man.. its serious dope(ok, I’m listening to eminem right now, so ignore the language)

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