Roadies…… as the end approaches near

I have been watching all the roadies episodes, but just didn’t have the time to make a post. Anyway, here it goes.

We had left where Shambhavi goes. After that I think was the episode with the kick boxing. Yeah it was pretty cool, especially when Nihal gets all beaten up. I don’t remember much about the tasks but I remember that after that Varun was voted out, then Vibhor. And boy, how can I forget the Prabhjot voteout. I mean was Ankita mad or something. If she had voted out Ashutosh or Sonel, the game would have been much much different. But she got out too, due to her dumbness, and the final 3 are Nihal, Ashutosh, and Sonel. But, its amazing that these people were some worst task performers of the show, and they reached the end only because of the politics they played. I guess its all about politics in India.

As the news has already leaked, Ashutosh is gonna win this season, and thats not good, at least according to ethics. I mean that guy wasn’t even serious. Let’s see what the final episode unfolds before us. The wait is only until 17th May, 2008.

Author: Jas A.

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16 thoughts on “Roadies…… as the end approaches near”

  1. For the first time, I felt sorry for simran. Because, she didn’t use the power of elimination on neither Ashutosh nor Nihal. But at the immunity task, when ranvijay asked nihal and ashu about it, Nihal said, that was her stupidity (that she didn’t give nihal karizma bike and get nihal out of the game).

    I couldn’t even think that Nihal could do so. Actually, the entire roadies game including all of its players and authority including the man who has no hair on his head, all are dishonest.

    So, roadies is a practice game of dishonesty, bluffing and ____ing!

  2. We’re all blaming Ankita here but we’re forgetting one thing. Prabhjot never really liked Ankita. So if Ankita indeed voted Nihaal or Ashu out, Prabhjot would have gone with Sonel and the other person and voted Ankita out. This way, at least she managed to save the Karizma. What say?

  3. @ ish : if ankita would have given her karizma to anyone , she would be in the top three ! ……….. she would have got a karizma as a gift from her relative,,,,,or her MTV offers back in delhi/mumbai πŸ™‚

  4. No she wouldn’t have. Top three wasn’t the key thing for her. Proving herself was. And the Karizma was just a bonus. See, even Nihal didn’t give away his immunity last week. When he wasn’t even sure how Ashu and Sonel, why do you expect Ankita to be so sure about them. I think it was a wise move. And she’ll get offers from MTV anyway.

  5. @ish
    well, whatever is done is done, we all know who’s gonna win

    @sneezy melon
    Prabhjot and Ayaz were good at tasks, and Ankita was best at ’em, but politics won

    The last episode is on air this Saturday, so whta’s the use of leaving now?

  6. I too watched Roadies this season religiously. I was unhappy when Prabjot got out. She had some spark. We had 3 lamest finalists this year. 😦

    And did you notice that, Ashutosh never once acknowledge Sonel who was instrumental in his win.

  7. @poonam
    Sach mein yaar, I liked prabhjot too….. those 3 were just politicians, and not one of them was consistent in tasks, i mean they earned like 2 and a half lakhs only……

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