The Race begins……………

Not exactly a race, but whatever is going on is pretty rushed. I’m moving to Kota soon, to study in Bansal Classes and the preparations have begun. What with buying new clothes, buying new lowers, new undergarments, new socks, shoes and much more stuff which can be read on my mother’s list. She wants to buy everything here, but I’m trying to convince her that most of the stuff can also be bought in Kota, so there’s no use of carrying extra burden. But she’s right too, my parents are just gonna be there for 1 and a half day and have to arrange everything including a PG, and make arrangements for my food too.

I’m not that scared or worried that I’m going into a new city. I am only a little sad because I have to leave all my friends behind. Only 1 guy from my previous class(Binny) is coming. I gave a little good bye party to my close friends today(when they should give me a farewell, aren’t they total asses!). We had planned to watch Krazzy 4, but it got pretty bad reviews, so we dropped the idea. We bowled, played pool, and had lots of pizza today, all on my expense btw. But, I’m gonna miss them, even if I wasn’t going, we had divided. Everyone was going to different schools for +1. I have really gotten into the song “Dil Chahta Hai” these days. I even watched the movie twice. Anyway, that’s why I’m taking a laptop with me, to access internet and stay connected. Another reason I wanna take a laptop with me is because I wanna remain sane. There’s gonna be no TV, no nothing and those “padhakoos” in kota are gonna bore me with their study talks. I don’t believe in studying too much and this laptop will me my TV, music system, theatre and a way to stay connected to the rest of the society. The problem starts here, cuz I’m very confused between Dell and HP. Everyone has advised me to buy HP, although Dell is better, because there is no service center in my city. I have decided to go with HP, but suggestions are welcomed. I’m also confused with wireless internet service, whether I should go with Tata Indicom or Reliance…suggestions are welcomed again on this topic.

So I am ready for a new experience as this chapter of my life closes as I turn 16. May God be with me……..

PS- Sorry, there was no Roadies post, cuz MTV is not there on my TV anymore, because of the cable provider.

PPS- Ish, aisi bhi kyaa naraazgi ho gayi, ki comment ka reply hi nahi kiya. Agar koi galti ho gayi to I’m SORRY.

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

17 thoughts on “The Race begins……………”

  1. Past experience with both HP and Dell. Dell didn’t seem to like me unlike HP but HP has the most annoying touchpads that doesn’t seem to like to work half the time.

  2. Great, so you’re going to Kota. That way you’ll be a little closer to Punjab and maybe we can meet up on a Blogger’s meet or something someday! 😀 Good luck for Bansals!

    And from HP and Dell, I’d say Dell because Dell has good performance and an unreal battery life. Kota is in the north so it’s gonna be very hot there and you’ll surely not be having electricity 24/7. That way, battery life will be very important. And I’m pretty sure that your HP won’t give you more than half an hour after a year or so. But Dell would, I’ve heard a lot many people tell me that. So I’d personally suggest Dell, baaki your choice. And from Tata Indicom and Reliance, Iono kyunki I’ve never used them. But you may wanna investigate a little about which of them provides better networks and all in Kota.

    I was so expecting a Roadies post from you expressing utmost amounts of happiness because Shambhavi got kicked out. 😛

    And no need to be sorry man, I was just a little depressed and all so I didn’t check blogs and reply to comments. If you noticed, I never really replied to the comments on my blog either. Bas aisi hi, this is my depression waala hafta. And in any case, you meant what you said in that comment right? Fir sorry ki kya baat hai, you were expressing your opinion only naa. It would show my weakness of character if I got angry. Agar main kuch bol raha hoon to it’s always expected ki I might have to justify it again. Ki farak painda hai yaar, tu chill maar.

  3. Don’t know for you, reason I also got a HP a) It was cheaper (I’m a student) b) Batteries are easier to find and replace. As for Dell performance is good.

  4. @ish
    Man, i’m closer to u know, just 45 minutes away. I also wanted Dell, but as there was no service center here, or in Kota, so I had to suffice with an HP. And I’ll get a place with an inverter, so the battery might be cool….if u switch off the lights and stuff. And I’ve also chosen Reliance, because only they offer an unlimited package and i’m a download junkie.
    Shambhavi finally got kicked out!, it’s a good week for me….
    Depressed about the IIT exam? yeah, i meant the comments, koi gall nahi yaar, we are all depressed one time or the other…….ab toh theek hai na?

  5. LOL, and here I was thinking you were from Mumbai. Actually I check the locations of people using their IP address when they leave comments on my blog. I checked yours and I thought I read Mumbai in there. Maybe I posted somebody else’s IP address thinking it to be yours. Tradegy that lol. Where are you from then, if you don’t mind?

    Place with inverter is good. My computer runs on the inverter too and light wight band karne ki bhi zaroorat nahi padegi because a laptop doesn’t need much power in it’s usual condition. If you’re burning a CD or something, then it’s an entirely different issue. Waise HP is also okay. Which model are you planning to buy?

    No, I wasn’t depressed about the IIT exam. I knew for one that I wasn’t gonna clear it. But when I saw everyone around me giving it, toh thoda sa dukh to hota hi hai because till my 9th standard, I was somebody who was sure to crack the IIT. Then everything went downhill and my parents too keep telling me that I’ve disappointed them and all. And all that combined with my decision to get my hair cut not being received in a very nice way at my home got me depressed. So abhi I had to drop those plans. And upar se I’ve started crashing in the crash course again. Firse samajh aana band ho gaya so that’s adding to the entire deal. Itni saari cheezein combine ho gayi isliye I went into my chup chaap waala mode. I do that quite’ll know that as time goes along. But yea, I’m fine now. Aaj kaafi ghoom fir liya friends ke saath toh it’s fine.

  6. @ish
    I’m from Jalandhar.
    I’ve already bought it, cuz I’m leaving on Wednesday. I was planning to write this post earlier, but I couldn’t find time in all the preparations. The model is HP Pavilion dv2700. I have already started removing the junk it comes bundled with, and I’m gonna get internet USB tomorrow.
    You decided to get your hair cut? Well, I don’t like them either, but I think i’ll leave them as it is till i’m dependent on my parents. Waise if u do get them get, tell me how the change feels?(I know I’m a bastard).
    As i said on ur blog, don’t have a negative attitude. Par ab challa hi gaya to don’t think about it, you will only depress urself, that is the reason I think ur performance is declining at the crash course. Think like this, ki if u get a good rank in aiee, no one will bother u with negative comments and ur parents will be actually proud of you.

  7. i’m going through a similar situation right now 🙂 i’m moving to Pune!! i just cant stop meeting up with friends i meet them everyday, we watch movies, do lunches, hangout in my backyard, sit around, and still i cant get enough of them 😦 what will i do without them!!

    hehe and my folks are so typical. “We’ll do your shopping when the next Summer sale starts” It’s pretty funny!

  8. HP laptops are always better than Dell. I have heard that Dell laptops may blast in extreme heat. Anyways, who am I to comment on this? I have an Acer. 😐
    Best of Luck for the future. 🙂

  9. Dude, forget dell and HP buy a Mac, seriously wait a bit and buy a good mac, it’s better faster and cleaner. It’s one insanely great computer.

    Dell is bullshit, they run Vista and I have the same comments for HP, average hardware, below average OS.

  10. @meha
    Yeah, I’m afraid of leaving my friends behind too. Its like when as kids we change our school and make a fresh beginning. I’m also so afraid that those days of masti will never come back.

    Haan yaar, par now i’ve bought hp, there’s no service station for dell here.

    I wanted a mac man, I so did, and i told my parents too, but everyone was like against it, my bro, my jeeju and i had to give in…..cuz i wouldn’t have been able to find an apple service center easily.

  11. Good luck with the new life Perx 🙂

    Don’t worry yaar, you’ll make new friends, lol. I know everyone probably says that but it’s just the way life works. God, I feel old, lecturing other people about life ;-P

  12. Listen, it doesn’t need servicing, we have a Mac in our school and it has been working for the last 4 years or so, perfectly. No hiccups, nothing. It just works. It isn’t like windows dude, Vista is a big waste of money, don’t try it. Sorry but I have to go somewhere and I can’t write a longer comment

  13. Even I had to give a self-farewell party when I left my previous school 😛

    And Dell is so much better, you may not even have to use customer care given you dont play cricket with your laptop. And though it’s not available locally, support is much faster than you think it is. No use advising now, though, is there? How’s kota vaise?

  14. @sneezy melon
    yeah man, i also so wanted a dell or a mac….. kota bekaar hai yaar….pata nahi yahaan 2 saal kaise rahunga….

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