Yep, the system sucks………….

We have just proved that Indian politicians have sold their souls to the devil and now just live on votes. They would go to any extent for getting and securing votes. They think that doing good work will not have them elected, but rigging vote booths and saving a vote bank by dividing India will.

A latest example is the clearance of the OBC quota law. Now, the SCs, STs and OBCs will have a total of 49.5% reservation in all central universities including IIT, IIM and even JNU and DU. The cream layer of OBC will be excluded which includes, kids of judges and gov. officers, and kids of other wealthy parents. Even the private universities have to follow this, which is unconstitutional according to one of the judges deciding the case. You tell me, is it necessary today that reservations should be kept. Sure it was when certain caste people weren’t given admission in temple schools, but now no one asks about your caste when you go to get admission anywhere except when you fill it out yourself. How is it needed anymore? How forward do they wanna take India when our Government keeps dividing us on caste bases and then asks us to be tolerant of others? They just want to get votes.

And in this so called “Democarcy”, the Government doesn’t even want to hear the public out. The so many possessions and morchas have been squashed, students have been killed and lathi charges are common. So, they are taking away our only right which we could practice without restrictions. And the CJI has to say on this that, “Reservation is one of the many tools that are used to preserve….essence of equality so that disadvantaged groups can be brought to the forefront of civil life.” What disadvantaged groups? When people don’t discriminate, why does the government? I’ll tell you what, the parties should give their votebank a 100% reservation, and we shall be pushed out to other countries, cuz that what it looks like, we are halfway there.

I wanna clarify that I am not writing against the SC, ST, or OBCs, but against the way Democracy is practiced in India. I might even be charged under the law for speaking against the Government cuz the right to speech is not of importance anymore, cuz if mass protests are crushed, who am I? Our fundamental rights are taken away, and then they call out to us to fulfill our fundamental duty of voting which is already rigged with gifts and fake votes and hollow promises. Well I say this to those people:

Well, anyway enjoy your votebank. My faith in democracy has been broken. Communism or anything else, anyone?

BTW, I got admission in Bansal Classes……………..


Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

24 thoughts on “Yep, the system sucks………….”

  1. First of all, congratulations for getting into Bansals!

    And about the other thing, yes, I agree with you, but partially. It is unfair that 49.5% of the seats are reserved in colleges like IIT’s and IIM’s when it is already very difficult to get into them. This step would only make things tougher for the regular students, and would depress them more to see people who haven’t got the kind of marks they have and still not managing to get selected. That is definitely sad.

    But I’m not against quota’s as such. Well, perx, you have to face it, in a country like ours, quota’s are necessary. Even though we don’t discriminate against the OBC’s and all, but we have to accept the fact that they are underprivileged. They can’t prepare for JEE and all like we do. We all go to good schools and attend coaching classes and study books like Pradeep’s and Dinesh’s and what not. But these people can’t do that. They don’t have access to education and hence you can’t expect them to be at par with you while giving the entrance examinations right? I had a migrant friend who used to live in a jhuggi behind our house. And he was one of the most intelligent kids I’ve ever seen in my life. And he liked studying. You should have seen the expression on his face when somebody would give him a book. He always used to top his school but I know he wouldn’t get into an IIT simply because his parents will not have the kind of money to sustain his education until then. And he’ll never be able to pay Rs. 12,000 or so which is the fees of a regular academy like the one in which I studied. To bring such people up, quota’s are necessary.

    But the solution can’t be the one which the Supreme Court suggested. Actually, the Supreme Court says that the institutions should increase the number of seats so that the general category doesn’t suffer. Whether that will be done or not, is yet to be seen. The only grudge that I have with the government is that now the colleges are increasing the seats but they never did so for the general category even though they knew that a lot of deserving people were getting left out. So if the colleges can manage to somehow implement this thing without making the general category suffer, it’s fine. But I think that is impossible too. The general category will suffer somewhere and that’s not justified. Only time will tell, you know.

  2. @ish
    Yes, i agree with u a little, but 49.5%?? Fine, they need reservations, but the percentage should be fixed acc. to their population and total population ratio, not this uneven thing. Also, the thing is that the motive of these ministers who propose are wrong……why should general intelligentsia move back to let them lead the way, i mean give help to those who need help, they practically take people with 0 marks just to complete the quota, they need to re-check their methods.
    Also, I wrote this post against how “democracy” is practiced in india. Not only this, but in many other fields, are protests taken into heed? does the government listen to them before sending the police? i don’t think they do
    anyway, thanx……..for the congrats and also for giving me a new perspective towards reservation.

    PS – you forgot to tell me about ur city

  3. @Ish : I think I don’t agree with you. If a person is not able to afford education, then the logical step should be to provide him free education and NOT creating a seat for him. Suppose I create 100 seats in an institution for OBCs which are all filled, but only 10% of them are actually intellegent and worthy of those seats. Its completely unfair to the General class students who couldn’t get the seats. But if I provide free education to those 100 OBC students and give everyone a fair chance to compete then why do I need reservations??

  4. yes, i totally agree with amit………
    i just read on blogbharti that a dude saw a mom get out of a mercedes and his son was yelling at the driver to get the SC certificate out so that he can get that seat in the insti…………. I mean wouldn’t it be easier of i just cut my hair and get an SC certificate by bribing a clerk, rather than working hard for 2 years to get my ass in IIT……?

  5. @Perx: I live in Ludhiana.

    And sure, I agree with you that 49.5% reservation is a little too much but I think the SC, ST and OBC together do make close to half of the population. And your number of seats in the IIT would remain the same right? So you shouldn’t be affected. The only grudge that you can have that the IIT’s never increased seats for the general category. Otherwise if you ask me, your chances remain the same. And trust me and the IIT’s man, they wouldn’t select people with a 0 IQ. They have a standard and they’ll be wanting to maintain that. But yeah, government colleges in the states will have to take undeserving people just to fill in the seats.

    @Amit: So you’re trying to tell me that the government should open separate schools for these people and provide them education for free? I don’t think so. The basic motive of education is to create an individual who is completely developed. And if you collect all the poor of the country and put them in one school, I can bet that the school won’t work because nobody would be interested. By doing such a thing, you’re only discriminating against these people more and that isn’t justified. You won’t know what it is like to be ambitious in a poor family. We can never know that.

    I think these people also deserve a fair chance at life and get to be with the people from the cities who are supposedly more cooler than these OBC’s are. When these people will live with the cool people and get taught in the same way, then only they’ll be able to develop in a holistic way. We can’t just put all the poor people together because that institution would never have the stature an IIT would. No company would go there to recruit people because they’ll think that these people are poor and don’t know anything. Whereas if they get into an IIT, they’ll at least be given a fair chance. I repeat what I said to Perx, these people will not be complete zeros. Have you heard about Super 30? That’s a place where a couple of IITians collect 30 talented kids and provide them coaching and they have a record of something like 25 out of 30 people getting into IIT’s. So I think these people just need a chance.

    The misuse of power will definitely happen but you can only hope that finally people will realize. The intention with which the government wanted to get the qouta might not have been right, but maybe the result of it will. What say?

  6. @ish
    the thing is exactly that, they won’t increase the overall seats, which will make the general category suffer….but I’ve heard a clause of this law which seems good……it states that if the seats alloted to the SC’s etc. are not filled then they need not allot it to anyone beyond their criteria, the remaining will be added to the general category…..let’s hope this rule is followed

  7. @Ish : No. You took it wrong. I am not asking to put them in a seperate school. They should be allowed to study in the same school as others but free of cost. We don’t have quota in schools. right?
    Somehow we need to give them an equal chance at the root level and not at the point where it starts hurting the other categories.

  8. mm. Sudeepta Chatterjee was my English teacher. This one’s not her, I guess.

    You tell me! They had to introduce this shit the same year I was supposed to join IIT?? Indian DemoFarcy Sucks!

  9. @Sneezy Melon
    textile engineering is not so bad man….. and have a positive attitude, if u get a bad rank in iit, u might get a good rank in aieee, DU mein engineering kar lena……….

  10. Dictatorship is the way to go. India desperately need a military dictatorship, Crucifying everyone that is doing wrong!

  11. @hsa
    I don’t know man, while democracy isn’t the best thing, i wouldn’t say we need dictatorship, maybe communism would be better…… butchering people is not the solution here, its just another holocaust

  12. &Perx
    Dictatorship in a good way, it doesn’t always have to be holocaust or hitler. Butchering people that are doing wrong initially not permanent.

    Someone always has to suffer to bring a change in the society.

    I don’t know how communism would bring a change, well it would eliminate the difference between rich and the poor, but that’s as far as it goes.

    I think you you chose communism based on career point of view. Believe me India has much bigger problems that the ones mentioned above. India is a toilet, someone has to clean it up.

    Some notable politicians Indira Gandhi, Gen. Musharaff

  13. @hsa
    yes, u r right, indira gandhi and gen. musharaff were very good politicians and the worst leaders of all times…. i mean pakistan is about 20 years behind in terms of development from us, all because of anarchy……….
    maybe anarchy was good in medeival times, but who decided who is doing something wrong, someone can’t just go on killing people for no reason whatsoever… i think dictatorship has brought nothing but destruction in modern times…….

  14. to all people supporting this quota system…what do you think that all general cat. people are rich nd they get good schools,good coachings…you all better check your concepts…..if govt. is so much interested in giving quotas why not give quotas on the ground of income of family…it will give more chances to every poor of this country……i personally a victim of this bullshit system…i worked so hard to get into govt medical clg nd just because of this quotas i got admission in a private clg nd half of the students in govt. clg got less marks then me…..the difference between cut off marks of general nd obc were 40 marks…is this not injustice to us……..i just wanted to say india politicians sucks…

    1. I hear ya man.. it sure does… but there seems to be no hope at the end of this shitstorm.. we’re just gonna have to deal with it..

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