Roadies just got fair!!

Today’s Episode rocked!!! Hands down!, the best Roadie episode ever, full of excitement, rush and nail biting action. And Roadies is fair, at least for these two episodes. The last 11 Roadies have to prove themselves, and 6 would be taken abroad to Thailand. In Rannvijay’s words, “We’ll make sure only deserving roadies are taken abroad.”

Prabhjot challenged Anmol.

Vikrant challenged Nihal.

Snehashish challenged Ashutosh (fuckin’ bastard knows ashu is hurt).

Ankita challenged Shambhavi.

What the first two pairs had to do was stand on a plank in front of each other at a height and try to cut the plank of the one standing in front of him with an axe.

So, Prabhjot beat Anmol(YAY!), and got back in the game. But, the best thing that happened was that Shambhavi’s real face got exposed and now even Nihal is against him, and as Nihal had been hearing abuses all night, he came with “josh” and just cut his way into the roadies smoothly, beating Vikrant. We finally have 2 real ROADIES. Congrats everyone, waiting for the next episode. Ankita vs. Shambhavi + Snehashish vs. Ashutosh. Jo anjaam hoga, acchha hi hoga.

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

10 thoughts on “Roadies just got fair!!”

  1. First thing that came to my mind when Prabhjot won was that you are gonna be really happy. And here you are lol. Nihal winning was fair too, he really was way better than Vik today. Snehashish, though I really like him, it would not be fair to put him against Ashu because he is injured. And I think Shambhavi will beat Ankita. Ankita isn’t as strong as Prabhjot is.

  2. @ish
    Yeah, I don’t know, It’s just something about Prabhjot that I like, maybe its like a Punjabi-Punjabi thing.

    Yeah, Snehashish challenged Ashu cuz he knew that he was freshly injured, but it’s all about getting back in the game right?

    Yeah, they were showing the challenge in the “in the next episode” thing and I was thinking that Ankita is so gonna lose. But I really hope Shambhavi gets out, in my opinion she is a real life bi*ch and a wh*re

  3. Actually, I was hoping Prabhjot would challenge Shambhavi and Shambhavi would go out. I actually thought Anmol wasn’t that bad. Most of the times, she didn’t bitch. But well, Prabhjot bhi kisi se kam nahi hai lol, she is pretty capable of making anyone angry. No clues about Shambhavi man, but it was nice to see Nihal speaking out for once.

    I think they will take into consideration Ashu’s injury and make it a task which doesn’t involve much footwork. Snehashish is really clever agreed but Ashu is much stronger physically, that much we’ve seen. So I think he deserves to go further.

  4. yeah, i was hoping that too, but I guess prabhjot has more of a tiff with anmol than shambhavi…..
    no, I really don’t think they’ll make the task easier for ashu, cuz it was his mistake he fell, although i do agree that he deserves to go further….cuz he is physically more capable….

  5. Pata nahi, let’s see. The tasks they did today didn’t involve much footwork. The task they showed Shambhavi and Ankita doing didn’t involve footwork either. So I’m thinking it’d be something like that. Ashu has been at fault in driving always. Ayaz had also fallen because of him apparently. Yaar usne kabhi ladki ke saath kuch kiya nahi isliye jab Sonel peeche baith jaati hai to apparently over-excite ho jaata hai.

  6. yeh, they have to hang to a hose pipe, and i think ashu will go through to the next round.
    haha haan, shayad….ho sakta hai ki over “excite” ho jata ho

  7. I am agree with ish. I do also hope shambhavi to be out from the roadies. She doesn’t have a fair mind, but she has only a fair face! nothing else.

  8. ya ofcourse that was the best episode and even the last episode. We all friends just couldnt took eye fron the TV. Good Job. Well done.

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