Hello world!

Hello all! Welcome to my blog. Well its a simple blog for me to let my feelings out. I had a blog, but no one came, so I deleted it, but I came to realize that it really doesn’t matter, a blog is my space and it hardly matters if it isn’t popular, so here I am. Please enjoy my blog and leave feedback……

Author: Jas A.

I think my picture describes me the best, a 21 yr old loner. Computer is my life and I used to be very good in studies, I mean very good, but I've been declining since 9th grade and lost interest. I have one passion in life "Movies", but I can't pursue direction cuz its not stable, and I love money, so I've decided to become a software engineer. Well, that's me, what about you?

One thought on “Hello world!”

  1. I’m happy you made a blog again, and as you’ve realized, it’s for you, not for the people. The people will come ultimately but that’s not your aim.

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